Dermatologist Dr. Noëlle Sherber, makeup artist Enrique Valentino, and photographer Tony Powell share tips on looking your best in photos.  From getting your skin in great shape, to avoiding makeup mistakes, to providing posing tips, this trio has every angle covered.

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Less-Is-More Contour

In photographs, the contrast of light and shadow creates definition and so subtle contouring is key to creating dimension in photos.  Subtlety is important, Enrique advises: “if someone gives you the compliment ‘good contouring,’ unless they’ve been a makeup artist for 12 years, that’s not necessarily a good compliment.”  The translucent cream contour shades in TOM FORD Shade & Illuminate create believable contour that translates with a modern finish in high-definition film and digital photos.  Tony commented that, “it’s an instant slimmer when you face the camera on a slight diagonal.”  This posing tip works for both face and body, and plays off of the same principles as contouring by creating shadow to make it appear as though certain areas are receding.

Defines. Grooms. Shapes.

This duet of highlighting and shading creams is designed to make sculpting and contouring the face remarkably simple.  The super sheer, light shade can be used to draw light onto the skin to brighten and lift the face.  The dark shade defines and contours bones while staying invisible to the naked eye.

Pro tip: Sweep one side of the Shade and Illuminate Brush 04 into the darker contour cream. Using wide part of the brush and starting near the ear, push the brush along underside of the cheekbone, along hairline at temples and underside of the jaw line. Blend thoroughly until only a subtle shadow remains. To emphasize the highpoints of the face, use the other side of the Shade and Illuminate Brush 04 to apply the “highlighter cream” to top of cheekbones, brow bone and very lightly from forehead down center of nose. Blend well. The effect should be subtle and elegant.

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If someone gives you the compliment ‘good contouring,’ unless they’ve been a makeup artist for 12 years, that’s not necessarily a good compliment.

Enrique Valentino

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It’s Great to Hydrate

- hydrates, softens, nourishes and strengthens -

This cream-infused watery lotion becomes pure velvet on the skin. Awash in the transformative energies of the sea, skin is hydrated, softened, nourished and strengthened. Primed to transform, the complexion is ready for the power of the entire Genaissance de la Mer collection.

Usage: Shake gently to infuse formula. Sprinkle a small amount onto fingertips and gently press into cleansed face and neck. Follow with your Genaissance de la Mer treatments.

Smooth skin reflects light evenly on camera, and Tony recommends that his clients “drink lots of water and just stay hydrated” before a photo shoot since he can see the difference in their face and in their skin.  Topically, hydrators bind water to the skin and plump up fine lines to make it more even and luminous.  La Mer’s Genaissance The Infused Lotion blends cream into a hydrating serum for a velvety texture that blurs the skin into instant photo-ready perfection while delivering long term improvements in skin texture and tone with antioxidant red algae and collagen stimulatory peptides.

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The “Ear Trick” To Define the Jawline

A defined jawline frames the face in a photo, but lifting the chin in an attempt to sculpt it in photos can distort the face.  Tony gives this pro tip: “Instead of thinking about lifting your chin, I tell people ‘think about moving your ears forward.”  This creates a crisper jawline without creating an unflattering angle of “a shot straight up the nose” which Tony explains “is never a good look.”  Enrique will often define the jawline area with makeup for photos, but advises that this should never “look like striping on the skin.”  Dr. Sherber sees men and women both who wish to define their jawline, and firmer injectable dermal fillers such as Voluma are an excellent solution for this given a few days of downtime for any post-procedural swelling to resolve before your photo shoot.  For a quick fix, 3 Lab M Cream has an ingredient that shrinks as it dries to provide an instant lift, making it an on-set favorite for photo shoots.

This product has become a top selling moisturizer because it packs powerful anti-aging ingredients into a lightweight fast-absorbing formulation that is suitable for all skin types. Its luminous silky matte texture makes skin look smooth immediately, and Osilift firms the contour of the skin as it dries as a temporary effect, while the active ingredients work to stimulate collagen for smoother and firmer skin in the long term. Designed to help skin perform at its best under stress, this cream is a red carpet staple to keep even the most demanding skin in balance and looking fresh. 

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Instead of thinking about lifting your chin, I tell people ‘think about moving your ears forward.’

Tony Powell

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Get Some Rest … Or Look Like You Did

Softens, diffuses. Diminishes.

The ultimate makeup touch-up tool with shades that help correct flaws or add desired luminosity.

Highly micronized shades soften and diffuse light for a smooth, undetectable finish. Highlighting shades catch light and bring focus to the cheekbones and eyes, creating balance and symmetry. Other shades act as skin-priming concealers to diminish flaws and shadows.  

Pro tip: Twist approximately 20-25 times to prep the pen upon first use. Place a small amount of product on the back of the hand as a palette or directly onto the face. Blend the product with a brush to achieve a seamless finish. Pro-Tip: As final touch up, use to brighten the eye area.

Looking tired is a result that no one wants to see in a photo.  Dr. Sherber advises that, with sufficient lead time, injectable dermal filler can be an ideal solution to “bounce light” off shadowy areas under the eyes that can telegraph a tired appearance.  She injects hyaluronic acid fillers ranging from Volbella to Voluma, depending on each patient’s individual anatomy, to correct dark undereye shadows.  Tony gave another approach, recommending to “get some rest” and to avoid salty foods that can cause puffiness the night before a photo shoot.  Enrique shared his approach to brightening the eye area, which is to focus on the “correct undertone” of concealer rather than choosing one that is several shades lighter than foundation as is a common misconception.

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Choose Your Colors Carefully

This natural-finish, long wearing, humidity-resistant foundation moisturizes and evens skin tone creating a flawless, supple and pore-less canvas on which to sculpt the features. Buildable, medium-to-full coverage. SPF broad spectrum sun protection shields skin from UVA/UVB damage. 

Pro tip: Use brush to apply a sheer layer to the entire face, beginning from the center and working out across the face from top to bottom, blending gently onto the skin. If desired, repeat application for fuller coverage.

Key ingredients: Energin, Caffeine, Noni Extract, Broad Spectrum SPF15

Choosing the correct colors for makeup and clothing can make all the difference in your getting photos that need minimal retouching and give you a modern and natural looking result.  For clothing colors, Tony suggests “dark, bold colors” without prints.”  Enrique’s expert tip is that, if you have redness in your skin, changing the undertone of the foundation can “tone that down a bit without having to use a full coverage so that you’re working smart rather than working backwards.”  TOM FORD Traceless Perfecting Foundation is ideal for high-definition photography because it has a believable skin finish that permits you to change the skin’s undertone, as Enrique describes, to counteract redness without the look of heavy coverage. Dr. Sherber explained that laser treatments can work to decrease flushing and redness over time, but these should not be planned in the days immediately preceding the photos since the effect emerges over weeks and there can be post-procedural flushing for a day.  Laser Genesis micropulsed Nd:YAG is one of Dr. Sherber’s favorite laser treatments for reducing redness in the skin over time, and Perméa laser improves skin texture and tone while decreasing pore size, so both of these are very effective in improving the skin’s condition so that less complexion coverage is needed over time.