In winter, skin becomes more prone to dryness and irritation due to cold temperatures and low humidity. Here are some tips to keep skin looking its best when there’s a chill in the air… or even major wind chill.

La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum

This deeply replenishing serum awakens vitality one drop at a time, flooding skin with sea-sourced actives and the healing energies of our Miracle Broth. Tiny micro-droplets of The Deep Hydration Ferment—with an interactive blend of green, brown and red algae—are designed to penetrate rapidly, revitalizing deep within skin’s surface. With 8x the immediate effects of a humidifier, this refreshing serum creates a haven of all-day hydration. Lime Tea Concentrate—a powerful antioxidant—protects against the elements, allowing skin to thrive, Cells plump and lines are visibly softened as natural repair is energized. Skin becomes visibly radiant, youthful. Full of vibrant life.

To use: Apply onto fingertips and gently sweep over face and neck morning and evening. For optimal results, follow with your La Mer moisturizer.

Cold air is also dry air, and so hydration (meaning adding water to the skin) is key to winter skincare. One of the ways to help hydrating products work best in the winter is to place a humidifier near your bed so that they can bind water to the skin overnight. Similarly, seal off your bathroom door while showering or bathing and apply your skincare in the steamy air to harness the humidity. This serum uses new technology to deliver small beads of hydration into the skin effectively with a light texture that layers well with other products, and soothes dry skin with La Mer’s proprietary complex of seawater minerals.

Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Oil

This deeply-absorbing blend of nourishing vegetable oils includes chia, carrot, calendula, and amaranth to nourish the skin. Diamond Extreme Oil is designed to be layered under Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Mask, but can also be mixed into Diamond Extreme Cream for added moisture or patted on top of skin midday for a dewy sheen. Because skin’s dryness or sensitivity can change from day to day, Dr. Sherber advises to smooth on more Oil under the Mask on days when more moisture is needed, and layer on more Mask on days when skin is ready for more active treatment.

One of the best ways to transition your skincare into the winter if you don’t want to revamp your products entirely with the change of season is to mix oil into your cream or lotion moisturizer to make it more nourishing. Blending in a few drops of this lightweight mix of chia, carrot, calendula, and amaranth oils from Spain will make any moisturizer more winter-appropriate. This can also be applied as a serum layered under your moisturizer, or patted on dry areas midday if skin becomes chapped from the cold.

Caudalie Divine Body Oil

Grapeseed oil is a wonderful moisturizer as it is rich in antioxidants and absorbs deeply. Recent studies comparing vegetable-based oils to mineral oil (the standard ingredient in moisturizing formulations) show that vegetable oils are much better moisturizers for dry or eczema-prone skin. This carefully concocted mix of grape, sesame, hibiscus, and argan oils can be used on skin, cuticles, and even hair, and its scent and feel have garnered a devoted following.

This French blend of grape, sesame, hibiscus, and argan oils with a lovely warm scent can be applied to body, cuticles, and even hair. Clinical studies comparing vegetable-based oils to mineral oil (as is found in baby oil) show that vegetable oils are more effective moisturizers for eczema-prone skin, so if your skin is persistently dry or itchy look for vegetable oils on the ingredient list. Apply body moisturizer while skin is still damp from the shower to trap water next to the skin for best results, and you can use this as a body oil or cocktail it by mixing it into body cream.

La Mer The Body Crème

- visibly softens, soothes and renews -

Like a seaweed wrap in a jar, this rich cream saturates skin in a wave of long-lasting hydration. With the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™, the heart of La Mer's profound powers of transformation, it helps break the cycle of dryness and dehydration to give skin a new softness and suppleness. 

As The Body Crème is massaged into the skin, circulation is improved. Skin's look and feel take on a radiant new life. The Body Crème is so lastingly hydrating, daily use may be unnecessary.

Please note: The 6.7 oz. Body Crème is packaged in a tube, whereas the 10 oz. is packaged in a jar.

A good rule when shopping for body treatments for dry winter skin is to pass by any products in a pump, and to go straight for those packaged in a tube or a jar. This is because, in order to pass through a pump, lotions will have a high water content to thin the formula which makes them generally insufficiently rich in oil to soothe really dry skin. The formulation of this pudding-textured cream was inspired by in-spa seaweed wrap treatments that leave skin deeply hydrated and moisturized and has earned a loyal following for calming even super dry skin.

Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir

This innovative product is half oil and half serum, blending all three of Caudalie's patented potent anti-agers (viniferine, grape vine resveratrol, and grapeseed polyphenols) into a fast-absorbing blend.  Clinical studies demonstrated improved smoothness and more even tone to the skin after 28 days of use.  You can apply this on its own as a lightweight moisturizing serum, layer it under creams for an added cushion of moisture, mix it into moisturizer for added richness, or apply it midday over makeup to refresh dry skin.  For those who may find conventional antioxidant serums too irritating, this moisturizing blend is packed with active ingredients and balanced by ample amounts of moisture to prevent dryness or irritation.

Harsh weather isn’t incompatible with active skincare ingredients, but skin can be sensitized by overly aggressive products in harsh weather. In particular, avoid serums containing alcohol since these can dehydrate the skin at a time of year when skin is already prone to dryness from the low humidity in the air. Also, serums with heavy silicones (apply them to the back of your hand and see if water beads up) will form a film that prevents optimal absorption of moisturizer that you layer on top. This fast absorbing oil-based serum incorporates antioxidants viniferine, resveratrol, and grapeseed polyphenols which defend against free radical damage from UV exposure and pollution.