5 QUESTIONS: Tammy Fender

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When you began your work as an aesthetician, what inspired you to develop a skincare line?

Over 25 years ago, when I started out as an aesthetician, I very quickly realized that there weren’t any products out there that I felt could offer my clients integrity. I was looking for formulas that were luxurious, but also pure, made from natural remedies. Finally, I gave up the search and started hand-blending my own customized formulas to meet their needs. Every formula in the collection has been created that way, through my direct experience and inspiration in the treatment room.

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When you and Dr. Sherber met in Palm Beach, you explained that you formulated Intensive Repair Balm based on the request of a physician. What is the story behind this product?

I first created Intensive Repair Balm for my post-procedure clients, who were recovering from surgery and needed not only to avoid chemical products, but who would benefit so exactly from this powerfully rich and restorative combination of Chamomile and Helichrysum, which is known for its ability to stimulate new growth. But while I originally formulated this blend with post-op clients in mind, these powerful natural remedies benefit every skin type—and especially dehydrated, sensitive, stressed or mature skin—helping to reduce inflammation while stimulating growth and repair.

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You describe the Epi-Peel as a “facial in a jar.” What are your tips to get at home from this product the results most closely resembling those you obtain in your treatment room?

Epi-Peel—an exfoliant, mask and peel all-in-one—is the ultimate multi-tasking formula. Its Kaolin Clay base helps draw out impurities and environmental stressors, refining pores and encouraging fresh growth. At the same time, Moroccan Rosemary and Spearmint boost circulation, bringing vibrancy to the surface, while Watercress supports cellular repair. I like to boost the effects by applying the formula in a circular motion, enhancing micro-circulation. The overall experience of the cooling clay and the fresh scent of these herbal remedies creates a beautiful aura of green healing.

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What was the most important ingredient for you to source for the Cleansing Milk, and how do you identify these key ingredients and move them from plant source to bottle?

All of our ingredients are meticulously sourced, in order to maintain the purity and active integrity of the plant remedies we use. I work very closely with our providers, gathering so many ingredients that are sustainably wild-crafted, or organically grown by caring, conscientious farmers. Cleansing Milk, a lightly creamy and gentle blend, brings together soothing Lavender, celebrated as an ancient anti-inflammatory, and Fo-Ti, which is renowned for its capacity to extend cellular longevity. The harmony between these two plant remedies inspired the formulation, which cleanses away impurities, while never over-stripping the skin, leaving the complexion soft and radiant.

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You have enjoyed such a loyal following in Palm Beach over the past 25 years; only recently is “green beauty” gaining mass market momentum. Why do you think more people are drawn to your philosophy at this point in time?

Just as we’ve all learned so much about the importance of what we eat over the course of the last several years, we’ve all woken up to the fact that what we put onto our skin—our largest organ—is just as important. It’s a green beauty revolution! But while my formulations work through the skin, they are also designed to serve holistic wellness overall, that is, supporting balance and health in the mind, body, and spirit. My intention, with every formula that I create, is to nurture wellness in the widest sense.