Dark Spots in Washington DC

Dark Spots

  • Uneven skin tone can develop from genetics, environmental damage, or a combination of both.
  • Dark spots which darken significantly following sun exposure may be freckles, or ephiledes.  Dark spots which are always present and appeared after childhood are generally sun spots, or solar lentigines.
  • Dr. Sherber examines all dark spots for signs of abnormality before embarking on cosmetic treatment.  Dark spots that are new or changing, or that don’t meet the ABCDE criteria may be concerning for skin cancer.


  • Topical treatments with brightening ingredients or glycolic acid can fade unwanted pigmentation when paired with rigorous use of broad spectrum sun protection.
  • Laser treatments are often the best way to break up uneven pigmentation and produce rapid and reliable results.  The Perméa laser fades dark spots without social downtime, while the LimeLight spot-treats areas of stubborn pigmentation.
  • LimeLight is generally a winter sport since skin should not be tanned pre- or post-treatment, whereas Perméa is safe even in the summer months.


  • Chemical peels such as the Vivité can be a valuable addition to a skincare regimen geared towards fading unwanted pigmentation.
  • When dark spots are intermixed with red areas, Laser Genesis can helpful evening out the complexion by fading both brown and red areas.

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