Eczema in Washington DC


  • Eczema can present with anything from chronically dry skin that’s difficult to keep moisturized, to itchy red rough skin that’s actively inflamed.
  • It runs in families, and is associated with abnormalities a filaggrin protein that is integral to the skin’s barrier.  It can be inherited with a tendency for food allergies and/or asthma. 

Recommended Treatments

  • It is important to use Skincare products that do not further inflame eczematous skin.
  • Dry skin is itchy skin, and eczema is known in classic dermatology textbooks as “the itch that rashes,” so keeping the skin well moisturized is key to symptom management. 
  • Vegetable oils moisturize better than mineral oil does, and topical ceramides help to reinforce the skin’s barrier that holds water in.
  • For infants and small children, Dr. Sherber recommends skincare products without synthetic fragrance and with a focus on *natural ingredients*, and minimal use of prescription medications. 
  • Bleach baths, as outlined by the American Academy of Dermatology, are sometimes beneficial.
  • For adults, Dr. Sherber may also explore whether skin allergies or underlying conditions are playing a role.
  • Eczema may flare up during pregnancy, during which time treatment regimens must be specially designed to avoid certain medications and ingredients.