Pearl Fractional in Washington DC

Pearl Fractional

  • The Pearl Fractional is the only laser to use the 2790nm YSGG wavelength that was engineered to be a hybrid between CO2 and Erbium lasers, incorporating the best of each technology into one.   
  • This laser makes a tiny grid on skin that ablates the skin surface and delivers strong energy into the collagen layer to produce a dramatic increase in collagen production that persists for 6 months post-treatment.  
  • The end result is smoother skin with more refined texture.
  • The thermal impact of this laser is very controlled, making it safe for use in skin types prone to pigmentation.  
  • It can also be used safely in skin that has acne scarring or traumatic scars.  
  • For someone looking for a one-and-done treatment that will produce the maximum amount of new collagen possible for your particular skin, this is an ideal solution.  

Our approach

  • Depending on each patient’s unique needs, Dr. Sherber will alter the depth and density of the energy beams to ensure optimal treatment parameters.
  • If there is extensive sun damage on the face, nek, and décolleté, Dr. Sherber generally recommends treating all of those areas so that the skin looks harmonious and not significantly more even-toned and smooth in one area than another.
  • This is a popular treatment with those patients who may be seeing Dr. Rad for a surgical procedure such as facelift and want to maximize their results during their downtime. 


  • For many patients, Dr. Sherber will recommend a test spot to demonstrate how long the area will be red post-treatment and to ensure that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation does not develop in deeper skin tones.
  • Dr. Sherber emphasizes a precise regimen of aftercare including vinegar cleansing of the treated area, and ointments to keep the healing skin well moisturized.

Preparing for Treatment

  • If you are prone to cold sores and are having an area on the face treated, we will call in a prescription for an anti-viral to prevent a flareup.

What to Expect

  • Depending on the intensity of treatment required, this can be performed with only topical numbing cream for lighter treatments, or performed in the operating room in conjunction with facelifts or other surgical procedures for deeper treatments.
  • There will be pinpoint bleeding resulting from all but the most superficial depths of treatment.
  • There is social downtime associated with the Pearl Fractional, with several days of special skin care and no makeup, and if skin is prone to redness there may be pinkness that persists for weeks and can be covered with makeup.

Other Options

  • For those who wish to minimize downtime, studies suggest that 6 fractionated non-ablative treatments with the Clear+Brilliant or Perméa may be a suitable substitute for this treatment.
  • For sunken acne scars, TCA treatment may be another good therapeutic choice.

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