Surgical Forehead Reduction in Washington DC


What is Surgical Forehead Shortening?

Surgical forehead shortening is a procedure designed to reduce the height of the forehead and to bring the hairline forward.

This treatment should be performed only by Board certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Rad commonly performs surgical forehead shortening in combination with brow lift, frown line reduction, blepharoplasty and other facial rejuvenation procedures to give patients a brighter appearance to the eyes, a more alluring eyebrow shape, and overall better facial proportion.

Forehead shortening is performed in an operating room under anesthesia. With Dr. Rad and the helm, this routine procedure is safe and delivers permanent results. Recovery generally takes about one week.

Is Surgical Forehead Shortening Right For Me?

Surgically reducing the area above the brow is a great choice for patients who have large foreheads, receding hairlines, heavy and wrinkled forehead skin, and/or heavy brows. Since forehead anatomy and receding hairlines are largely genetic and age-related, patients of all ages can enjoy an excellent result. There is no age restriction.

An in-person consultation with Dr. Rad is crucial to determine whether the frown line reduction procedure approach is right for you.

How Does Dr. Rad Approach Surgical Forehead Reduction?

Dr. Rad’s technique is not “cookie cutter;” rather, he tailors his approach according to your unique anatomy and goals. The process begins first by assessing your forehead, hairline and eyebrow anatomy. Together you will determine the exact placement of your hairline in order to optimize brow, forehead aesthetics and overall facial proportion.

Dr. Rad considers eyebrow and facial asymmetry at rest. While you are standing upright with your eyebrows relaxed Dr. Rad takes precise measurements and makes markings while double checking to ensure symmetry. The incision is planned along the hairline, a “pre-trichial” approach, although some of the incision may traverse the hair-bearing scalp. The precise scar pattern is based on Dr. Rad’s thorough assessment of the ideal aesthetic appearance you’re seeking. Dr. Rad carefully “bevels” the incision so that hair follicles are preserved and hair growth occurs through the scar thus camouflaging it. He also identifies important sensory nerves and protects them to prevent numbness, and then dissects the posterior scalp to mobilize it forward. If the forehead skin requires smoothing and/or a brow lift is needed, then Dr. Rad elevates the forehead tissues, as well.

Frown muscle (Corrugator supercilii) muscle weakening can be performed simultaneously. Then the artistic aspect of the surgery involves advancing the scalp forward, elevating the brows and smoothing the forehead skin to the perfect position. Dr. Rad makes meticulous adjustments measured in millimeters and, since gravity influences brow position, he checks your brow and forehead symmetry multiple times while you’re upright. Dr. Rad then closes the incision precisely with fine suture.

Learn The Nuance Of The Washington Surgical Forehead Reduction

Surgical Forehead Reduction

Dr. Rad’s approach is unique for each patient, and it combines sophisticated, state-of-the-art techniques to achieve natural and long lasting results.


Your vision for your results will emerge through detailed consultation with Dr. Rad, meticulous examination of your anatomy, and careful pre-surgical planning. While Dr. Rad’s surgical approach is unique for each patient, the goal of naturalness remains constant.

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Surgical forehead shortening is an outpatient procedure and recovery lasts about 1-2 weeks. The results of surgical forehead shortening are immediate and minor discomfort, bruising and swelling resolve after a few days. Sutures are removed after 1 week. You should avoid heavy lifting, such as at the gym, or inverted positions, such as yoga head stands, for about 4 weeks but otherwise you may return to normal activities quickly.


Surgical forehead shortening is very safe. The most common complications that can occur are slight asymmetries, visible scar and numbness. Dr. Rad is extremely meticulous in surgery and the chance of these problems occurring is extremely low. Patients who have had suboptimal results from other surgeons often seek Dr. Rad’s experience for corrective work.


The eyebrow and upper eyelid are intimately related, and for optimal aesthetics, it’s important to address both. If the eyebrow is in a properly elevated position with arched contour, and upper eyelid skin excess is a concern, then upper blepharoplasty is indicated. If, the eyebrows are low, then excess upper eyelid skin may be relieved partially or completely with brow lift. If excess upper eyelid skin is only partially relieved by brow lifting, then combining the two is best. Keep in mind that correct diagnosis is essential and the right approach requires in person evaluation with Dr. Rad.


Pricing has several components: (1) surgery fee (for Dr. Rad’s skill, care and expertise), (2) hospital anesthesia cost (for the board certified anesthesiologist to manage your comfort during surgery), (3) hospital facility cost (to “rent” the operating room and staff time), and (4) implant costs (for example, breast implants, chin or jaw implants, etc.). Dr. Rad performs surgery in a hospital operating room as this is the safest environment where board certified anesthesiologists are involved in your care. While more costly that in-office surgery rooms, this cost is justified to ensure your procedure is as safe as possible. Sometimes we offer concessions for multiple procedures.


We consider bringing aesthetic surgery cost within financial reach to be a high priority and we have several mechanisms in place to make surgery affordable. (1) We participate with CareCredit, a medical financing company; the most popular plan is our *free* 6 month plan which is *free* since we cover associated financing fees (longer plans up to 60 months incur fees); (2) We offer concessions (discounts) on multiple procedures; and (3) hospital fees are lowered by efficient surgery: Dr. Rad works with a hand-selected team of professionals to lower OR time and associated hospital fees. We appreciate that cost is an important consideration in patients’ decisions to select their surgeons. While there is variability in cost between plastic surgeons, surgeons’ pricing can reflect the surgeon’s expertise, safety measures taken, the quality of your aesthetic results, and the caliber of your overall care.

Consultation with Dr. Rad


Our plastic surgery office in Washington DC is centered on your comfort and privacy. You’ll be received by our exquisitely attentive staff, and escorted to your own private cabana wherein you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable while consulting discreetly with Dr. Rad. First Dr. Rad will determine if you are a good candidate for surgery and during your consultation you should decide if Dr. Rad is the right surgeon for you. Credentials are crucial and, in addition to being Board certified in plastic surgery, Dr. Rad is Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins, and he enjoys an impeccable reputation as a top flight aesthetic surgeon. His facial plastic surgery expertise is sought out as one of the best surgeons in Washington DC, northern Virginia and the US.

Your safety is Dr. Rad’s primary concern and he will review your medical history. You should inform Dr. Rad of any medical problems or medications that may affect your healing. If you are medically appropriate to undergo surgery then Dr. Rad’s focus will be to understand what specific aesthetic concerns you have. Washington patients expect natural results with minimal downtime. Dr. Rad will spend time carefully listening to your concerns, asking clarifying questions and then masterfully guiding you, step by step, to understand how your unique anatomy can be improved to convey a rested appearance. Dr. Rad’s goal is to determine the most comprehensive approach for long lasting, natural results while minimizing downtime. Dr. Rad first needs to understand your specific concerns and you should prepare your thoughts prior to your consultation. Think of words that convey how you feel about your appearance. For example, Washington DC patients often say they look fatigued, tired or lackluster because of undereye bags or dark undereye circles, or they look sad, upset or disinterested such as from heavy eyebrows, excess skin above the eyes or downturned corners of the mouth. Patients often relate concerns of looking older than how they feel and this can be caused by jowls, nasolabial folds, loose neck skin, lines and wrinkles. Try to put into words how your appearance bothers you, and the priority you give to each area. Dr. Rad will then present to you his expert opinion about which procedures would be best to restore your anatomy to create a rested and refreshed appearance. In addition to surgery oftentimes patients can benefit from other procedures such as brow lift, eyelid lift, facial fat transfer, or rhinoplasty. And since surgery is intricate Dr. Rad will guide you through a stepwise approach of aesthetic analysis and he’ll deliver his recommendations in a clear and honest manner. Dr. Rad will present all options available in modern day surgery, both non-surgical and surgical.

Dr. Rad and Board certified dermatologist Dr. Sherber often collaborate to optimize patients’ results and to minimize invasiveness. As such Dr. Rad’s modern approach to surgery harnesses the power of both dermatology and plastic surgery as both specialities address different aesthetic challenges. For example, plastic surgery is effective to lift, tighten and volumize loose, atrophied tissues, whereas dermatologic treatments such as laser, radiofrequency tightening and skincare are best to improve skin texture, pigmentation and tone. Dr. Rad can address any concerns regarding skin quality and how to obtain and maintain optimal results.

Dr. Rad will review with you photos of his patients’ results (many of which you’ll not find online due to privacy concerns) to highlight his aesthetic approaches and skill. He will take your photographs, which remain confidential, to assist with the planning of your surgery. For your safety Dr. Rad performs surgery in a hospital-based operating room, considered to be the safest environment, rather than in the office. Anesthesia is delivered by a board certified anesthesiologist (MD) and you’ll be under light anesthesia which is important for your safety and comfort.

You will receive a customized quote for the procedures in which you’re interested. Once approved we may then move forward with pre-operative preparations and you will meet with Dr. Rad again at your final in person consultation prior to surgery. Dr. Rad’s reputation as one of the most technically gifted surgeons attracts patients nationally and from around the world. We cater to patients from across the globe by arranging virtual consultations, luxury accommodations at The Jefferson hotel, Washington’s most luxurious 5 star boutique hotel, as well as private nursing care. Your privacy, comfort and safely achieving exceptional results are our top priorities.

What are Dr. Rad’s patients saying?

“Had a facelift with Dr. Rad. Not only did he do a magnificent job, but he was extraordinarily attentive and caring when I experienced an acute complication from surgery. He has an outstanding bedside manner. In his office, he never makes you feel rushed. Explains everything carefully. And is all around extremely kind and very talented. I have referred several people to him.”

Louise | November, 2016

About your Washington surgeon

Dr. Rad’s credentials, results and patient reviews speak for themselves. Princeton (magna cum laude) and Duke University educated, Dr. Rad is a Johns Hopkins trained board certified plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor of plastic surgery there. Dr. Rad has performed thousands of aesthetic facial surgeries and he specializes in minimally invasive, scarless approaches featuring minimal downtime. He is ranked in the top 3 plastic surgeons in DC, has the highest patient ratings across all doctor review websites and has been an invited expert in international conferences teaching his techniques to surgeons from around the world. Dr. Rad’s patients seek to look refreshed and rested with natural results, minimal scars and the least downtime. He has innovated scarless techniques due to his patients’ needs for discretion and hidden evidence of surgery. Dr. Rad has membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Through rigorous written and oral examinations, these national societies have vetted Dr. Rad’s education, training, professional qualifications, surgical competence, and ethical conduct as having met the highest standards in the world.

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What is the cost of Surgical Forehead Reduction in DC?

The cost of a Surgical forehead shortening depends on many factors: At Dr. Rad’s Washington DC practice, the cost of this surgery ranges from $3,500 to $14,000 for complex reconstruction or corrective work after prior unsatisfactory work. While total cost increases when combined with other procedures, surgery is cost-effective when multiple procedures are combined. Cost is a reflection of the skill and experience required to obtain excellent results. Under Dr. Rad’s care your experience is guaranteed to be the highest quality.

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