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A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to improve the visible signs of facial aging. There are many types of facelift techniques. However, the skill of the surgeon is the single most important factor. In Washington DC, our patients seek to restore a rested appearance with minimal down time. Particularly in Washington, Dr. Rad finds one of the most common reasons patients choose facelift surgery is to restore an appearance that reflects the bright and vibrant person they feel inside. Through careful planning, meticulous technique and exceptional care, Dr. Rad delivers impeccable results. 

Procedure Cost

STATS: According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in the United States approximately 133,000 facelifts were performed. While facelift is commonly thought to be reserved for later years, Dr. Rad treats men and women of all ages looking to maintain an appearance of slowed aging.

COST: The cost of facelift in Dr. Rad’s DC practice ranges from $800 to $6,400 for non-surgical liquid facelift.  For surgical facelift, the cost ranges are as follows:
– closed lower face and neck lift: $8,000 to $9,500
– mini-face and neck lift: $9,000 to $11,000 
– full face and neck lift: $11,000 to $15,000
Total cost depends on many factors: your unique anatomy, your goals and preferences, complexity of surgery, first-time or corrective work required, in-office (non-surgical) or hospital-based operating facility (surgical), and experience and skill of the surgeon.  

RECOVERY: Recovery can be just 24 hours for non-surgical in-office procedure. Dr. Rad uses the minimally invasive “closed” technique which allows patients rapid recovery and you can expect to return to normal activities in 7-10 days.


With age comes experience and wisdom. However, we all want to be in control of how we present ourselves to the world. The goal of a facelift is not to smooth every crease or wrinkle, but rather to restore a rested and refreshed appearance. The most sophisticated work reveals the maximum version of one’s appearance, yet it goes unnoticed by the casual observer and does not induce speculation. Dr. Rad’s goal for each patient is to achieve this delicate balance.

View Before/After Gallery

Photos are of patients who have given explicit written agreement to have them displayed. For patient privacy reasons, the majority of Dr. Rad’s patients prefer their before/after photos to remain off-line. However, Dr. Rad will be happy to show you, in the setting of a confidential consultation, a series of before/after photos, not displayed here, to address your specific concerns. SHERBER+RAD cannot guarantee specific results. Individual results may vary.


Since aging affects all areas of the face, Dr. Rad often performs eyelid liftbrow and forehead lift, and facial fat grafting at the same time as facelift surgery. Furthermore, emerging science  Customized aesthetic dermatology care can delay the need for future surgical lifts, and can ‘protect your investment’ after surgery.

  • injectable Dermal Fillers provide temporary facial volume and contouring and Botox smooths dynamic wrinkles
  • collagen-stimulating treatments such as laser and chemical peels restore skin elasticity
  • skin care treatments maintain skin health and elasticity

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