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Why Using Calamine Lotion as a Makeup Primer Is a Bad Idea, Dermatologists Say

Calamine lotion is having a glow-up. Yes, that humble pink lotion that was once dabbed onto your chickenpox, mosquito bites, or burned skin after too many hours in the sun — ah, fond childhood memories. Now, it’s trending as the ultimate pre-makeup primer, acne scar treatment, and SPF product, all in one. On TikTok, fans […]

Dealing with oily skin? Derms shares how to rid of extra shine for good

These recommended products will purify pores and cut back on shine. Got an oily complexion? If so, you probably already know that this skin type requires extra attention. Whether you’re using blotting papers multiple times a day or carrying around mattifying powder for midday touch-ups, it can feel like minimizing shine is a never-ending battle. […]

11 Reasons You Have Puffy Eyes—And What To Do About Them, According To Dermatologists

There’s something fundamentally uncomfortable about waking up in the morning with puffy eyes. You look a little funny, you can often feel the liquid retention in your face, and many times you can’t pinpoint the exact cause of the swelling. Conditions such as angioedema, a serious allergic reaction, dermatomyositis, an inflammatory disease, and thyroid conditions […]

How to choose a sunscreen that will keep you and baby safe, according to experts

No matter how old you are, sunscreen should be a vital part of your everyday routine — a point any dermatologist you speak to will hammer into your brain. You might need a particular type of sunscreen if you have a skin type or skin condition like oily or sensitive skin. While our bodies naturally […]

Retinaldehyde 101: Benefits, Side Effects, How to Add It to Your Routine, and More

Everyday Health – June 2022 (NSS) In the world of pro-aging — that is, caring for your skin as you age — retinoids rule. These vitamin A derivatives have strong research showing they smooth fine lines and wrinkles, create a more luminous, even complexion, and fight acne. One type of retinoid you may not be […]

How To Get Rid of Heat Rash Quickly, According to Dermatologists

SELF magazine – May 2022 (NSS) If you’re wondering how to get rid of heat rash—in all its itchy, prickly, sting-y glory—we feel for you. The irritating condition is one of the major downsides of warmer weather (add it to the long list of annoying summer skin problems—lookin’ at you, mosquito bites and sunburn). If […]

Facial Aesthetic Priorities and Concerns: A Physician and Patient Perception Global Survey

Aesthetic Surgery Journal – April 2022 (NSS) The objective of this survey was to examine and understand facial aesthetic priorities, concerns, and treatment goals across varied geographical regions in aesthetically conscious adult respondents and physicians and to apply these insights toward optimizing practitioner–patient aesthetic consultation, treatments, and ultimately patient satisfaction. Read More

How to Get Clear Skin: 21 Dermatologist-Approved Tricks

Teen Vogue – March 2022 (NSS) Clear, glowy skin can feel like the holy grail of beauty. We all want to put our best face forward, and that’s something marketers are all too aware of. To that end, we heard from dermatologists about their surest tips for how to get clear and glowing skin (no […]

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What Is Poikiloderma? Symptoms and Treatments

Poikiloderma is a discoloration on an area of the skin caused by decades of chronic sun exposure. You don’t need to have had sunburns in the affected area, just exposure to the sun over time. Sometimes, dermatologists call this poikiloderma of Civatte, named for the French dermatologist who first identified it in the 1920s. Read […]

Treating Surgery Scars

Dr Noelle Sherber on Treating Surgery Scars

Not only are scars notoriously hard to fade, but there’s also a plethora of different types of scarring, from raised keloid scars to acne scarring, which makes finding the right treatment complicated. We spoke to board certified dermatologist Dr Noelle Sherber to learn more about her apporach to treating surgery scars. Read More