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Dr Noelle Sherber, Dermatologist on Complexion-Me

I founded SHERBER+RAD in 2014 with my husband around the core concept of maximizing the luxury of time, we created a singular destination in the heart of Washington, DC, that combines the most effective treatments in our fields of dermatology and plastic surgery with an expert edit of best skincare, haircare, and beauty from around […]

You Want Youthful Skin. You Don’t Have a Lot of Time. – Washingtonian

From dermarollers to fat grafting, doctors are offering new treatments that could make you look younger. In Washington, combatting aging skin—or keeping it from aging in the first place—isn’t the extreme “What did she have done?” sport it is in cities like New York and LA. “People don’t have time for the beekeeper’s-costume routine and […]

The Truth About Crème De La Mer – Elle

If there ever was a beauty product that could be considered truly legendary, it would be Crème de la Mer—not only for its cult cachet as one of the priciest, and most coveted, moisturizers in the world, but also because of its oft-related origin story: Max Huber, a German-born aerospace physicist, suffered severe burns in […]

Storefront shop to the inner sanctum of a dermatologist – Architectural Record

Beauty may be skin-deep, but David Jameson’s design for the offices of a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon reaches beneath the surface, peeling back layers of intrigue. Inspired by the structure of a tree’with its rough bark on the outside and smoother rings closer to the core’ the Washington, D.C.’based architect organized the 3,770-square-foot facility […]

The Exact Temp To Set Your Curler For VS Angel Hair – Elle

We love the glitter bomb that is a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, in all its Swarovski-crystal-encrusted, pink-satin-wrapped glory—that is to say, in its pure fantasy. But at the most recent catwalk spectacle, something else bouncing down the runway got our attention: the hair. It seemed subtly new—lightly tousled, a little undone, and so refreshing after […]

10 Ways to Look Better in the Morning – InStyle

You may not want to smother a zit with makeup, but hydrocortisone? “Go for it!” says Dr. Sherber. Before bed, slather on the anti-inflammatory cream, then seal it in with a waterproof bandage. “This intensifies the potency, so the next morning the pimple will be smaller and less red. It’s nearly as effective as getting […]

Do These New Beauty Products Really Work? – InStyle

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Pepto-Bismol Face Masks And Other DIY Beauty Hacks Explained – Elle

Manuka honey contains clinically proven antibacterial agents (among them an enzyme that releases hydrogen peroxide), and wound-care centers use medical-grade versions. Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, recommends it as a targeted approach for perioral acne because it moisturizes and exfoliates instead of exacerbating flakiness; dermatologist Noëlle Sherber, MD, suggests it for stubborn, workout-related acne, the kind […]

Washington’s secret to staying relevant: a little Botox here – The Washington Post

Summertime, and the living is easy: backyard barbecues, beach books, plastic surgery. It’s the worst-kept secret in Washington. Plenty of those glowing faces returning from vacation are the result of a doctor, not a few days off. Summer, especially in an election year, is prime time for nips, tucks and other cosmetic fine tuning. Read […]