Lupus in Washington DC


  • The diagnosis of lupus requires careful investigation, since signs and symptoms are often subtle and laboratory evaluations can be complex.
  • One in five women will have a positive ANA, which is a commonly used screening test, and so an accurate diagnosis hinges on context clues.
  • Dr. Sherber is expert at the most up to date screening techniques for diagnosing lupus, and treats the skin manifestations of systemic lupus as well as the forms of skin-limited conditions that fall under the family of lupus diseases.

Our approach

  • Dr. Sherber will spend time developing a thorough understanding of the history of your symptoms, as well as a complete list of medications since some forms of lupus are related to medication exposure.
  • Evaluation may include lab work and skin biopsies as needed.
  • Our trusted rheumatology colleagues may be consulted depending on your particular concerns.
  • For skin symptoms, topical or systemic approaches may be combined or tried individually, with an emphasis on limiting the use of steroids in order to avoid their long term effects

Mineral sun protection, either with mineral-only formulations of sunscreen or with those that combine mineral and chemical sun filters, is emphasized in those with photosensitive forms of lupus since it blocks even visible light.