Rosacea in Washington DC


  • Rosacea is a genetically-influenced condition characterized by a range of signs and symptoms from facial flushing to acne-like bumps to dilated blood vessels on the face. 
  • Dr. Sherber is experienced at distinguishing rosacea from the conditions that can mimic it.
  • Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea can be missed if someone thinks that they merely have sensitive skin that stings and flushes easily.  Early diagnosis is key to preventing longterm skin changes.
  • Rosacea that involves either episodic or constant inflammatory bumps on the face can be mistaken for acne, and made worse by acne treatments.
  • Periorifical dermatitis, which involves inflammatory bumps around the mouth, nose, or eyes, is a sub-type of rosacea which is often aggravated by misdiagnosis and misuse of topical steroids.
  • Sometimes, skin can be aggravated by external irritants such as skincare or makeup products, which can mimic rosacea but requires different treatment.

Recommended Treatments