Injectable Dermal Filler in Washington DC

Injectable Dermal Filler

Injectable Dermal Filler

  • Time, gravity, and environmental factors (such as smoking, sun exposure, exposure to pollution, and stress) can lead to changes in the facial architecture that telegraph a more aged appearance.
  • These changes include deflation and sagging of the apples of the cheeks, furrowing in the nasolabial region (nose to lips), deepening of peri-oral lines (around the mouth), appearance of nasojugal grooves (in the upper cheeks), and marionette (mouth to chin) lines, hollowing of eye sockets, loss of jawline definition due to ‘jowls,’ and squaring off of facial contour. 
  • Dr. Sherber uses her expertise in injectable dermal fillers to restore lost facial volume, smooth furrows, and elevate sagging facial contours safely and with an immediate result. 
  • Over time, these fillers stimulate collagen so that your body creates natural volume in the areas of your skin being treated. 
  • Results typically last 6-12 months, pain is minimal, and there is no downtime apart from the rare possibility of bruising and slight swelling post-procedure.


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