Having completely clean skin is the foundation for having great skin, and this dynamic duo gives you the deep clean result of a spa treatment at home… no appointment necessary.

Unlike more common ultrasonic cleansing brushes which use porous bristles, this unique device from Sweden is made from silicone which has a microscopically smooth surface so it can be kept completely clean and won't harbor bacteria. We retail the professional version which is the top of the line FOREO device, using 2-point dual transdermal sonic pulses to generate up to 8,000 pulses per minute for exceptional cleansing. One side cleans the skin of makeup, dirt, and oil, and the other has the added benefit of a lower frequency mode that on top of skincare in order to infuse products into the skin.

FOREO’s top of the line LUNA 2 Professional ultrasonic cleansing brush generates up to 8,000 transdermal sonic pulses per minute for exceptional cleansing. This Swedish innovation is an upgraded version of the original device with a larger surface area for cleansing the skin, and is suitable for all skin types. Dermatologist Dr. Noëlle Sherber recommends silicone cleansing brushes specifically, because “the microscopically smooth surface can be kept completely clean and won’t harbor bacteria which can lead to breakouts and skin inflammation.”

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The Honey Mud gives an experience unlike any other, with a sweet scent from natural oils of macadamia nut, cocoa, sweet orange, ylang-ylang and vanilla. These oils, along with raw honey and a blend of clays, will leave even the driest skin feeling healed and nourished. This dual purpose cleanser can either be massaged into damp skin and rinsed clean or applied to dry skin for 10-20 minutes as a mask. As an at-home deep cleansing treatment Dr. Sherber recommends applying it as a mask, dampening the skin, and then buffing with the FOREO to remove completely and enhance absorption of the active ingredients.