I truly cannot recommend any dermatologist more so than I do Dr Noëlle Sherber of Sherber and Rad. I started seeing Dr Sherber about a year ago after I realized that years of basking in the glory of the sun sans sunscreen or hats had indeed taken a toll. Over the last couple of years unsightly sunspots and general skin tone issues began to emerge, and nothing I did seemed to help. I researched well-regarded dermatologists in the area and Dr Sherber kept coming to my attention. I had done my due diligence and knew Dr Sherber was extraordinarily well-educated, but her kindness, empathy and compassion (almost) trump her intellect and talent.

I have been undergoing treatment for my hyperpigmentation with Dr Sherber using the Clear and Brilliant laser. Between the laser and Dr Sherber overhauling my previous skincare routine (of course, kindly and only after I asked as Dr Sherber does not sell you on anything not asked about, needed or proven to be effective) my skin has literally never looked better. I am floored by the dramatic improvements I have seen over the last year. But moreover, I simply look forward to seeing Dr Sherber as she takes such a genuine interest in the lives of her patients. Dr Sherber always displays such kindness and compassion that can sometimes be a challenge to find in doctors of her caliber.

If ever a loved one needed a dermatologist for any reason, Dr Sherber is the person I would choose, no question. Between Dr Sherber herself, her nurse, Eagon, and the front office staff (Georgeanne, Leslie and Allison are three of the most polished and professional people you will ever have the good fortune to meet) I sincerely look forward to my appointments. I shall, without doubt, be a patient of Sherber and Rad for the foreseeable future.