My experience was with breast cancer resulting in bilateral mastectomy. I had to wait over a year to have breast reconstruction as I had much radiation and I needed to heal. I had a lot of complications during that time, seromas, infection, but finally healed enough to have reconstruction. When I had the reconstruction, I got a life-threatening infection, but a team of great surgeons at Johns Hopkins pulled me through and I survived but had lost much of the breast tissue that was reconstructed.
I waited again till I healed, had a great surgeon, Dr. Jaime Flores, who started reconstructing the breast that I lost a lot of tissue. Then Dr. Flores moved from the area and recommended his protege’, Dr. R and I am so glad he did. He is not only a great surgeon, but an artist. I am now in the last phases of this reconstruction and I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Dr. R very highly. He is very skilled, his manner is absolutely delightful, and he is a truly kind, considerate person.