The fastest way to a safe golden glow is to start with smooth skin and to add a one-hour sunless tan for the fast track to a tropical transformation.

You're one step away from smooth skin with this 10% AHA body serum that delivers rapid radiance without scrubbing. This lightweight citrus-scented body moisturizer has a deeply hydrating lotion-like texture and a formula that's rich in lactic acid and xylitol, which draw water into the skin, as well as barrier-repairing ingredients for soothing. REN, a clean beauty brand from the U.K., innovates yet again with this full-body exfoliant.

This fresh citrusy body serum from clean U.K. beauty brand REN incorporates 10% lactic acid to smooth the skin without harsh scrubbing. This deeply hydrating formula has a lotion-like texture and a formula that’s rich in xylitol, which draws water into the skin, as well as barrier-repairing ingredients to soothe. Dr. Noëlle Sherber explains, “body scrubs can scratch the skin and leave it inflamed, but this is a body treatment inspired by facial skincare and blends a lactic acid peel with a hydrating serum and barrier repairing moisturizing lotion for a balanced product that’s lovely to apply and works well for daily use and to smooth rough areas and keratosis pilaris.” This is great self tan prep since it gives a smooth canvas to ensure even color.

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With this hydrating translucent self tanner, you’re one hour away from a tan at any time. It’s designed for adding a warm glow to the face and body in 30 minutes, and delivers a deeper color in 60 minutes. The natural-looking color is suitable for all skin tones and continues to develop even after the mask is washed off. Formulated with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, this fragrance-free gel with jojoba seed oil moisturizes and softens, and the the tint-free formula protects your clothing and bed linens. James is famed for achieving a believable bronze on editorial shoots with brands including TOM FORD and for celebrities such as Adele, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ryan Reynolds, and shared in an exclusive interview on our blog his top tips for a perfect self tan, including: “moisturise the dry areas on your body like the hands, feet, elbows, etc.; always use a tanning mitt when applying your tan;… start from the face and work down your body in stages, leaving the hands and feet until last.”