BRCA Gene in Washington DC

  • Angelina Jolie carries the BRCA1 gene. With this gene, she had a 45% chance of developing breast cancer by age 70. She chose a preventive double mastectomy with reconstruction in order to lower that risk. 
  • Patients who carry the BRCA2 genes have a 60% chance of developing breast cancer by age 70.
  • Patients who have either gene should undergo preventive mastectomies and reconstruction. 
  • Rad’s preferred method of reconstruction is the DIEP flap. If there is not enough fat in the abdominal area then implants are suitable.

Recommended Procedures

  • In Dr. Rad’s hands, the DIEP Flap is the perfect option for patients who:
    • have plentiful abdominal fat
    • do not want, or can not have (due to radiation treatment), implant reconstruction
    • want their breasts to be rebuilt with their own healthy tissue
    • want to be finished with surgery forever (this cannot be said for implant reconstruction)

    Other Options

    • Implant Reconstruction is the most popular option owing to the ease of recovery and simplicity of surgery; however, implant reconstruction often is not a good option due to scar tissue problems caused by prior breast radiation.
    • LSGAP “Love Handle” Flap Reconstruction borrows love handle fat and is the most complex breast reconstructive operation in existence; Dr. Rad is 1 of only 30 microvascular surgeons worldwide who is able to perform it. 

       How It’s Done

      • Dr. Rad often performs immediate, one-stage reconstruction (DIEP flaps at the time of the double mastectomy) for prophylactic mastectomy patients.


      • Breast reconstruction is safe and is performed under general anesthesia and a short hospitalization is standard for most reconstructive procedures.
      • Dr. Rad works with a board certified anesthesiologist and performs surgery in the top hospitals in the Washington DC and northern Virginia area.

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      This 36 year old woman had a gene that predisposed her to multiple types of cancer including breast cancer and liver cancer. She underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy operation. Dr. Rad performed Bilateral DIEP Flaps reconstruction in a single stage.

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