Endoscopic Brow Lift in Washington DC


An endoscopic brow (aka endobrow) lift when the smallest incisions are needed and a patient does not have excess folds of forehead skin. In this technique a lighted telescope connected to a camera is passed through small incisions the caliber of a drinking straw.  Dr. Rad then detaches forehead tissues from the underlying forehead bone and then elevates the forehead skin upwards, and anchors the tissues using an “Endotine”™ device or with suture. The incisions are closed meticulously to leave minimal appearance of the scars.

Procedure Cost


Total cost ranges $8,500 – $11,000 and reflects Dr. Rad’s experience as well as the addition of other procedures such as frown line reduction is desired.  The endobrow technique is a highly specialized approach requiring a certain level of skill and few surgeons are capable of performing it.  While total cost increases when combined with other procedures, surgery is cost-effective when multiple procedures are combined. Cost is a reflection of the skill and knowledge required to obtain excellent results. Under Dr. Rad’s care your experience is guaranteed to be the highest quality.


Dr. Rad routinely performs brow lift surgery in combination with, or independently of, Facelift and Open Neck Lift surgery. This 42 year old breast cancer survivor wanted to take the look of fatigue out of her eyes. She said that her breast cancer journey aged her face, and so she wanted to look relaxed and refreshed again as she did before her cancer diagnosis. Dr. Rad performed endoscopic brow lift, Open Neck Lift, SMAS Imbrication Facelift, Facial Fat Grafting, Upper Blepharoplasty, and Lower Bleph + Fat Removal.

Photos are of patients who have given explicit written agreement to have them displayed. For patient privacy reasons, the majority of Dr. Rad’s patients prefer their before/after photos to remain off-line. However, Dr. Rad will be happy to show you, in the setting of a confidential consultation, a series of before/after photos, not displayed here, to address your specific concerns.

*SHERBER+RAD cannot guarantee specific results. Individual results may vary.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Q+A

Endobrow is not appropriate for every patient. Generally patients in their 20s to 40s will benefit most from this technique because younger patients do not have as much forehead skin furrowing requiring skin smoothing techniques such as the mini-brow lift or the coronal techniques. Hidden scars, good eyebrow elevation as well as frown line reduction and smoothing are the main advantages of this approach. Patients also benefit from the relatively short recovery of 4-6 days. If frown line reduction is performed, or extended release of the periosteum (the tissue cover over the skull) is required, then recovery can last up to a week.  Because every patient’s healing ability varies, Dr. Rad recommends reserving a few extra days as a “buffer” so that you can return to your normal activities safely and earlier if normal healing permits. 

No one in Washington wishes to look extremely altered and Dr. Rad’s brow lift aesthetic is to achieve the most refined and natural results so that your eyes look brighter and more open, and not surprised or like those of another person. In fact, many patients who’ve had unsatisfactory results from other surgeons seek Dr. Rad’s skill and experience for corrective work.  There is no substitute for skill and experience: through careful analysis and planning Dr. Rad’s brow lift results are experienced.

What Patients Are Saying

We consulted with three plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Rad for my 17 year old son’s rhinoplasty and chin implant in March 2017. From the first meeting, we felt confident that Dr. Rad is a skilled, experienced and talented surgeon who pays attention to every detail. He is also a super guy – warm, caring, attentive and welcoming. Everything went smoothly and we are extremely happy with the results. We are very pleased with the whole experience and recommend him without hesitation.

Esther Alpert | July 2017

“I would (and have) recommended Dr. Rad to my family and friends. Dr. Rad is extraordinarily talented. He is extremely professional, articulate and patient. He is singularly focused on ensuring the very best results for each of his clients. I put my trust and confidence into Dr. Rad and his interactions with me and the results of my surgery greatly exceeded my expectations.”

Lisa Kay in Arlington, VA | May 18, 2017

“I am so grateful I chose Dr. Rad to perform my surgery. From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease & comfortable. The office is very clean & creative. He took time to answer all my questions, I didn’t feel rushed as I did w/ other surgeons I met. His staff was prompt to respond & very friendly. Post surgery I called over a holiday weekend w/ a question & he called me back quickly. It has been an easy recovery & trust him fully. My scars are fading quick & it’s only been 5 weeks! He’s the best!”

Jennifer W in Germantown, MD | Jun 22, 2017

“Dr. Ariel Rad is the finest physician I’ve ever met! I’ve worked with Dr. Rad over the last five years and he encompasses everything you’d hope from a physician and much more. He possesses the highest intellect, sophistication, dedication, and compassion. I can’t say enough about Dr. Rad. Every appointment I’ve had with him has exceeded my expectations. He’s the absolute best! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Ariel Rad to my family and friends for medical care.”

KVR in Pennsylvania | Jan 10, 2017

“My goal was to be a refreshed, happy, more confident version of “me.” As I prepared for surgery I had no unanswered questions and was totally confident about Dr. Rad’s skill and judgment. Interactions with Dr. Rad and his team at the time of surgery and follow up were efficient, and delivered with compassion and kindness. I recommend him without qualification.”

Cathy in Washington, DC | Dec 04, 2016

“Had a facelift with Dr. Rad. Not only did he do a magnificent job, but he was extraordinarily attentive and caring when I experienced an acute complication from surgery. He has an outstanding bedside manner. In his office, he never makes you feel rushed. Explains everything carefully. And is all around extremely kind and very talented. I have referred several people to him.”

Louise in Washington, DC | Nov 21, 2016