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Overview of Ponytail Facelift in Washington DC

Ponytail Facelift Patient

Dr. Rad performed ponytail facelift on this beautiful 34 year old woman who felt that her eyes appeared fatigued, sad and not showing the energy and allure that she wanted the world to see. Dr. Rad performed endoscopic brow lift, canthoplasty, and midface/tear trough augmentation with Medpor implants.

She traveled from North Carolina and here are her results only 3 weeks after surgery. Artfully combining skeletal bone sculpture and soft tissue lifts is truly true state of the art. She’ll also age better because of additional midface support which slows cheek descent with time. A win/win!

Over time, we all start showing the early signs of facial aging in the form of the loose neck skin, jowls and deeper smile lines (nasolabial folds), as well as disappearing jawline and neckline. Sometimes vertical neck bands reminiscent of a “turkey wattle” begins to develop. Usually this begins to be noticeable in the mid thirties to forties, depending on your genetics and skincare habits. Non-invasive skin tightening approaches can offer improvements but Dr. Rad’s patients desire complete correction of these early signs so they look their best and appear as if not to age.

Most plastic surgeons, particularly those with less experience, will use a “cookie cutter” approach and choose the traditional facelift procedure regardless of the patient’s anatomy. However, in younger patients this may be overly aggressive and invasive when a more nuanced, targeted approach can effectively correct the subtle and early signs of aging while minimizing scarring, downtime and risk of looking “done.” Furthermore, in inexperienced hands, traditional skin-only facelifting can lead to visible, unsightly scars and distortion of the ears as well as hairline and sideburn displacement, all unwanted results that are difficult to reverse. Therefore, it’s crucial to be in the right hands from the start, and Dr. Rad, a Board certified plastic surgeon and face cosmetic surgery specialist, tailors his approach to patients’ unique anatomy to achieve refreshed and revitalized appearances without the “overkill” facelifts that most surgeons propose.



What is a Ponytail Facelift?

The Mini Face Lift in Washington, D.C. is a minimally invasive technique with hidden incisions which Dr. Rad utilizes in his younger patients who wish to reverse early signs of aging to maintain a fresh appearance. It is intended for patients who require subtle areas of correction rather than total overhauls. For example it may be needed to target downturned corners of the mouth, marionette lines, small jowls, or mild deflation in the cheeks. Dr. Rad taillors his approach to each patient’s unique anatomy to achieve natural, believable results without the evidence of facelifting.

What are the advantages of a Ponytail Facelift?

  • Minimizing or Eliminating Facelift Scars

    Dr. Rad will place small incisions hidden in the natural crease behind the ear. Depending on the degree of tissue movement that is required to achieve the desired results of in the front of the ear or behind the tragus. This is how he achieves minimal scarring that is not visible to anyone.

  • Natural Results

    Dr. Rad’s technique focuses on tissue elevation and “redraping” of skin which avoids unnatural stretching of skin. This avoids a “wind tunnel” look and instead enhances natural facial architecture. Furthermore, Dr. Rad is so meticulous in the distribution of tension so as not to distort the natural anatomy of your ear or affect your hairline as is common in less experienced hands. Aesthetically this translates to a refreshed, rested and simply more attractive appearance.

  • Maximal Longevity

    Dr. Rad addresses the deeper layer of tissue, the SMAS muscle layer, when performing the lift. This is crucial for a long lasting result because the SMAS can hold tension whereas skin cannot. While many surgeons tighten skin under the false promise that a “lunch time lift” is safest and equally rejuvenative, this is akin to building a house of foam girders – it simply won’t hold up over time.

  • Minimally Invasive

    Dr. Rad always endeavors to hide scars and the scars sometimes can be completely invisible even while wearing hair in a ponytail. Targeted surgical dissection and manipulation is the hallmark of Dr. Rad’s technique and this translates to rapid recovery and days, not weeks, for returning to normal activity.

  • Hiding the Evidence of the Work

    Distortions of the earlobe and tragus, the small isthmus of cartilage covering the ear canal, are telltale signs of facelifting and occur in less experienced hands. Dr. Rad’s technique features incisions behind the tragus or not at all in front of the ear thus eliminating the possibility of unwanted distortions.



Your vision for your results will emerge through detailed consultation with Dr. Rad in Washington, D.C., meticulous examination of your anatomy, and careful pre-surgical planning. While Dr. Rad’s surgical approach is unique for each patient, the goal of naturalness remains constant.

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How do I know if I’m a good candidate for Ponytail Facelift?

Regardless of age, if you’re starting to notice sagging jowls, loose neck tissues and deflating apples of the cheeks and you’d like to restore a refreshed appearance, then ponytail facelift may be the perfect option for you. Patients with moderate to severe tissue sagging are likely best served by the more complete facelift, Dr. Rad’s signature deep plane “sub-SMAS” technique. But ponytail facelift in Washington, D.C. is a good option as a refresh rather than an overhaul.

Ponytail Facelift Results Washington DC

Benefits of Ponytail Facelift

Scarless deep facial sculpting has many benefits that patients should consider:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
    This procedure is minimally invasive and features small incisions hidden behind each ear. Limited, but more targeted surgical dissection, equals less downtime and recovery while still achieving desired results.
  • No General Anesthesia
    The procedure is done very comfortably using local (injected) anesthesia. The total surgery time in about 1.5 hours and performed as an outpatient procedure.
  • Shorter Recovery
    Time Recovery from ponytail facelift in Washington is shorter than that of a full facelift procedure. Most patients are able to get back to their daily routine (with restrictions on intense physical exercise) in just a few days. Bruising and swelling are mild and resolve in a long weekend.
  • Natural Results
    Dr. Rad’s goals for all patients are natural and believable results with a focus on looking like a more rested, youthful version of one’s self.
  • Maximum Safety
    All surgeries carry some risks, however risks are minimal in Dr. Rad’s hands.

Ponytail Facelift Before & After Patient 7: This 52 year old woman wanted to address a sagging neck but did not want any visible scarring or a lengthy recovery. Dr. Rad and she decided that ponytail facelift and neck lift would achieve believably beautiful and natural results.


How Is A Ponytail Facelift Done?

Dr. Rad’s top priorities are your safety and comfort and he guides each patient step by step through the following process.

1. Since ponytail facelift in Washington, D.C. is designed to be done in-office under local anesthetic, the initial safety steps focus on identifying any risk factors: have you had allergic reaction to anesthetics such as at the dentist or during minor surgical procedures? Are you comfortable with the idea of being awake? Reviewing your medical history and preparing in advance are key to safe outcomes.

2. Once you are deemed appropriate to undergo ponytail facelift, Dr. Rad ensures your comfort with topical anesthetic to provide surface numbing, followed by injected numbing medicine. This is very effective and patients feel no pain once numbing has taken effect. Some patients may benefit from oral pain medicine and relaxing medicine to help take the edge off.

3. Dr. Rad makes very precise incisions along natural contours in front and behind the ears, so they are hidden from view. Through these incisions Dr. Rad elevates the skin within the subcutaneous fat plane in order to expose the muscle layer, the SMAS.

4. Dr. Rad then releases strong attachments, called osteocutaneous ligaments, that restrain sagging tissues. Once these are released, Dr. Rad then tightens the deeper muscles using either plication (folding) or suspension of a “flap”. These techniques are both safe and effective in Dr. Rad’s experienced hands.

5. After underlying facial tissues are restored to a lifted position, excess skin is removed and the incisions closed in a tension-less manner.

6. A light dressing is applied after which you can return home, driven by a friend or family member. The procedure is performed on an out-patient basis in almost all cases.




Recovery is not painful after ponytail facelift and in fact patients can resume most normal activities, except heavy lifting, almost immediately. Most patients taper off stronger pain medicine in a day or two. You will see Dr. Rad within a week after surgery. During the first through second weeks swelling and bruising rapidly resolve and return to normal activities can occur quickly. Highly athletic men and women require longer to reach unrestricted exercise. However, returning to work in a matter of a few days is not uncommon.


Yes and no: surgical ponytail facelift is needed when non-surgical treatments have reached their limit of efficacy. While fillers are effective in restoring volume and lifting tissues to some degree (the “liquid facelift”), patients who don’t want to have more volume added to their faces benefit from ponytail facelift.


You may see improvements immediately, however keep in mind that some bruising and swelling will distort your facial features for the first few days after ponytail facelift. However, visible signs of surgery dissipate in a matter of a few days to a week and, with concealer, patients can feel confident to return to work within a week.

How is a Ponytail Facelift Different from a “Traditional” Face Lift?

The facelift will involve more incisions, a much longer surgical time, and a longer recovery time. Compared to the ponytail technique face lift which involves only a single incision behind each ear and can completed in under an hour. The traditional facelift procedure will also carry a much longer recovery time then the minimally invasive Ponytail Technique Face Lift. While both procedures will leave you looking younger, a traditional facelift will involve more areas of the face including the cheeks, jowls, eyes, and in most cases, the neck. Another main difference between the two is that the ponytail technique is better suited for men and women who are in their late twenties to late thirties and the full facelift is better suited for patients who are a bit older and have loose drooping facial skin.

In the end, Dr. Rad’s full spectrum of procedures will leave patients looking more refreshed and years younger. Dr. Rad will discuss your aesthetic goals and will guide you to the most optimal facelift procedure to achieve them.

HOW MUCH IS A Ponytail Facelift?

All included, ponytail facelift in Washington under Dr. Rad’s care ranges from $10,500 to $15,500 depending on the degree of improvement and extent of surgical care. As with most high level services, cost depends on the quality of results and care delivered by the plastic surgeon. Corrective work can be much more expensive and therefore surgery must be done correctly from the start.

What are Dr. Rad’s patients saying?

“Dr. Rad is the reason I chose to do the facelift. He had already restored my confidence after a very long previous battle with another surgeon fraught with a very challenging correction. The facelift was a reward that I gave myself and concluded my journey on a high note. I am honored to share any information with you on your journey.”



Dr. Ariel Rad Plastic Surgeon

About your Washington DC surgeon

Dr. Rad’s credentials speak for themselves: Princeton (B.S.E, Magna Cum Laude), Duke School of Medicine (M.D.) and University of London (Ph.D.) educated and Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery trained, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins, and long-standing member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rad is considered an expert in facial plastic surgery and microsurgery. He is ranked the #1 plastic surgeon in Washington DC based on aggregate ratings from all independent ranking websites: “top rated local“, “three best rated” top plastic surgeon and “top plastic surgeon reviews“. SHERBER+RAD have never engaged in paid advertising, and all rankings, reviews are from vetted and respected sources.

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What is the cost of Ponytail Facelift in DC?

In Dr. Rad’s DC practice, the cost for facial aesthetic lifts starts at $18,000+ for targeted in office “mini lift”, $29,000+ for more advanced face and neck lifts, (“deep plane” or ponytail methods), $49,000+ for surgeries combining other procedures (blepharoplasty, brow lift, fat grafting, etc.), $75,000+ for complex anatomy, corrective work and up to $150,000 for extensive facial surgery requiring multiple operations (such as adding rhinoplasty, facial bone augmentation or shaping, custom facial implants, etc.). Note that pricing is customized for each patient and these guidelines do not necessarily apply uniformly. Also keep in mind these are approximate ranges and total cost depends on multiple factors: your unique anatomy, goals, complexity of the procedures, recommended techniques, whether corrective work is needed, in-office or hospital-based operating facility, and combining multiple procedures (increasing concessions apply for multiple procedures).

Although you may receive varying cost estimates from other practices, keep in mind that your surgeon’s education and training, plastic surgery board certification, his/her experience (at least 8 years of experience after residency is recommended), and the “X” factor of aesthetic artistry and surgical skill (i.e., talent) of your surgeon are important factors in pricing. Dr. Rad’s goal for every patient is to achieve nuanced and natural results with minimal recovery, and we have mechanisms in place to bring your goals in financial reach.

Dr. Ariel Rad strives to deliver the best facelift Washington, DC has to offer. To find out more about facial cosmetic surgery and our financing options, schedule your consultation by contacting our office today.

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