What makes a home feel homey? A 2021 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology tried to pin down those subjective factors. A major commonality was “greater naturalness.” (Maybe that explains why December’s holly and Christmas trees give us all the cozy feels.)

As summer fades and we stay inside more, harness the power of nature by bringing the outdoors in with houseplants, a bowl of river rocks on the table, dried flower arrangements, or a stack of wood next to the fireplace. For even more ahhh, don’t forget throw blankets, says Breegan Jane, an interior designer in Los Angeles and HGTV host. “If you’re looking to give your home an extra dose of autumn goodness, one of the easiest things to do is incorporate fall colors from nature,” she says. “Put away the bright, summery hues and bring out those thick knitted throw blankets in earthy sienna, green, and auburn.”

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