I visited Dr. Sherber to treat scarring on the right side of my face and nose. The scarring resulted from a severe staph infection and shingles. Dr. Sherber recommended laser treatments. My 4 treatments reduced the size and contour of the scarring and reduced redness, so my skin color blended more evenly. In addition to great results, I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Sherber and her entire staff. They are very personable people. As an elderly man, I thought I might feel uncomfortable in a setting with much younger people dealing with cosmetic issues. That was not the case. Dr. Sherber and her staff are very friendly and treated me with respect and sincerity. In addition, I would recommend Dr. Sherber because she is very qualified. Her educational training and experience are top notch. The office is newly designed, emphasizing comfort and privacy. Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Sherber.