Laser Hair Removal in Washington DC


  • Dr. Sherber treats unwanted hair with a combination of the CoolGlide 1064nm Nd:YAG laser and the ProWave LX to assure optimal results on all skin types.  
  • While Snow White would be the ideal candidate for laser hair removal – dark hair and light skin – the CoolGlide is the first laser FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction in all skin types.   

Our approach

  • Laser hair removal cannot be performed on suntanned skin, and so is a ‘winter sport’ treatment.  
  • A series of treatments – generally at least five – spaced a month apart is needed for the desired result, and hair growth that is hormonally driven may require additional treatment.
  • For some patients, particularly women looking to remove stubborn hairs on the face that may be the result of hormonal changes, Dr. Sherber will prescribe Vaniqa cream or other topical therapies to enhance the results.


  • As long as there is a good contrast between the color of the hair and the color of the skin, laser hair removal can be performed with reliable safety and efficacy.
  • Since topical lidocaine applied to large areas of skin can lead to significant absorption into the blood stream, we do not apply numbing cream to large areas such as the legs or the back.  It is safe to use in small areas such as the upper lip or underarms, if needed.  If a patient needs numbing cream and wants a larger area to be treated, we will only be able to numb and treat a small area in any one visit. 

Preparing for Treatment

  • Do not plan intense sun exposure in the days before or after treatment.
  • Do not use self-tanners in the week preceding treatment.
  • Do not wax or tweeze for at least 2 weeks before treatment. 
  • Shave the areas to be treated on the day of treatment.
  • What to Expect
  • Numbing cream generally isn’t needed before treatment, but can be applied to small areas that may be sensitive (such as underarms).
  • The treated areas may be pink for a few hours after treatment, and there may be hive-like bumps around the hair follicles for a few hours, as well.

Other Options

  • For white or blonde hairs, laser hair removal will not be effective and other options such as shaving, waxing, depilatories, or electrolysis will yield better results.

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