Redness and visible veins can develop in the skin for many reasons.

Redness can be a sign of inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, or can be a manifestation of skin irritation or skin allergy. It can also result from cumulative sun damage in areas of chronic sun exposure. Determining the root cause of redness is key to effective treatment.

Visible veins may develop after prolonged redness due to blood vessels becoming persistently dilated, or may develop due to genetics (as with spider veins on the legs). Veins may also be more apparent in fair skinned individuals whose skin is more translucent than would be the case with a darker skin tone.

Targeted skincare can diminish skin reactivity, precisely chosen cosmetics can conceal redness on contact, and vascular laser treatments can fade redness and unwanted vessels in the long term.



Asclera® is Dr. Sherber’s preferred injectable for sclerotherapy to treat spider veins (<1 MM) and small varicose veins (1-3MM) in the legs.

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Asclera® is Dr. Sherber’s preferred injectable for sclerotherapy to treat spider veins (<1 MM) and small varicose veins (1-3MM) in the legs.

It was used for years in Europe before gaining recent U.S. FDA approval, and is a much more comfortab le treatment than hypertonic saline which is commonly used for sclerotherapy.

Dr. Sherber will not perform sclerotherapy on patients with a history of a clotting disorder or acute vein diseases.

Patiets with a known allergy to polidocanol or not candidates for Asclera® treatment.

Dr. Sherber asks that her patients bring compression leggings or compression stockings (15-20 mmHg) to the appointment to be worn immediately post treatment: www.rejuvahealth com has an excellent section.

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This is a comfortable in office treatment that takes 30 to 60 minutes to perform.

An antihistamine maybe recommended following treatment if the areas injected are itchy.

Depending on the number and size of veins to be treated, multiple treatments may be needed. Dr. Sherber may treat larger veins with Asclera® and then touch up smaller veins with the Nd:YAG Laser.



Dr. Sherber often recommends an ultrasound of the deeper veins in the legs before treatment of the superficial veins is undertaken.

Treatment is quite comfortable as Dr. Sherber uses very small needles and a slow injection technique.

What are Dr. Sherber’s patients saying?

  • Great experience – Baltimore, MD
    Botox/Juvaderm has made me look 10 yrs younger! Excellent results. Minimal bruising. Very comfortable experience with a very caring doctor.”

    – Kim in Pa (RealSelf)

  • “I started seeing Dr. Sherber for Botox, laser and fillers, approximately 10 years ago in Baltimore. I followed her to Washington D.C. when she and her husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Rad, opened a joint practice. Last year it was time to for Dr. Sherber to hand me over to Dr. Rad for surgical work. I had an amazing experience with Dr. Rad when he performed a lower face/necklift, chin implant, lower blepharoplasty and fat transfer. At the one year mark, I decided to return for a tummy tuck and upper arm lipo. This time I was smart to stay in Sibley hospital – 2 nights – after my experience with hard-to-control pain during the first 2 post-op days last year, when we were in an outpatient surgical center. I was treated very well despite being very needy with respect to pain control. Everything is still very swollen and bruised but looks good so far. I will continue to travel to D.C. for maintenance treatment and any new procedures with both of them. They are that amazing.”

    M.L. IN WASHINGTON D.C. | 2019

  • “I have been seeing Dr. Sherber for over a decade – I followed her from Baltimore to Washington D.C. – for skin care including Botox, fillers and laser, as well as medical dermatology including total skin checks. She is brilliant and personable and I recommend her highly to everyone I know!”

    Jennifer P (Google)

  • “Dr. Sherber is a brilliant physician who knows how to make just about any woman look much better in the most non-invasive ways. An artist!”

    Sharon W (Google)

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Dr. Sherber graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, where she designed and implemented a novel degree program in health policy focused on assessing and improving quality of care. She next attended the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where she earned her M.D. degree. Following a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical research at Columbia University, she returned to Johns Hopkins for dermatology residency training and conducted research in scar healing and in disorders of abnormal collagen. She is now a Clinical Assistant Professor at George Washington University in the Department of Dermatology.



Dilated veins can appear on the face or body, and may relate to sun damage or a genetic predisposition to develop them.

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Dilated veins can appear on the face or body, and may relate to sun damage or a genetic predisposition to develop them.

Dr. Sherber customizes each treatment for her patients, and often treats small vessels with the Cutera 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, a state of the art vascular laser that treats dilated blood vessels on the face and body with maximal comfort and efficacy through its patented PowerFlex technology.

For larger spider veins on the body, Dr. Sherber prefers to inject them with Asclera® to cause the body to resorb them. This should be planned for a time when you can wear compression leggings or compression stockings for a week post-treatment.

For blue veins under the eye, gentle laser treatments to shrink the caliber can be very effective and are preferable to injection treatments.


For unwanted superficial leg veins, Dr. Sherber often refers patients for ultrasound imaging to ensure that the deeper veins are not problematic. If there are problems uncovered with the deeper circulation, then Dr. Sherber suggests endogenous laser ablation with a vascular surgeon or other treatment of the deep veins before she would treat any of the superficial veins – otherwise, they will tend to re-accumulate since they are fed by the deeper venous system.

No topical lotions or potions work to remove dilated veins. However, golden-hued creams are self-tanners can mask them somewhat.

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Flushing is redness that comes and goes, it is generally accompanied by other reactive skin symptoms such as stinging.

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Flushing is redness that comes and goes, it is generally accompanied by other reactive skin symptoms such as stinging. in general, skin redness is caused by dilated blood vessels which can relate to a range of concerns from genetic skin condition such as rosacea to the skin‘s response to irritation.

The Nd:YAG laser can be used in a micropulsed mode called Laser Genesis – this targets the tiny vessels that cause flushing, and it is the only laser treatment available that works in this way. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin, is excellent for rosacea and for pink marks left behind from acne, and the safe on any skin tone.

Redness laser treatments are mainly a ‘winter sport’ as it’s important that skin isn’t tanned prior to treatment and that it remain protected from sun exposure post-treatment.

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Numbing cream generally isn’t needed, and make up can be applied immediately afterwards to treated areas.

Some treated areas ma have developed redness at the body works to resorb the treated vessels.

Since the results take several weeks to emerge, treatment should be spaced a month apart.


Dr. Sherber may place patients on a very mild skin care regimen that is free of preservatives or other irritants while determining the cause of their skin redness, and may recommend consultation with one of her Allergist colleagues if there is a high likelihood of undiagnosed skin allergies.

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