Dr. Sherber provided several treatments of Permea/Clear and Brilliant on my trouble spots (old scarred bumps from waxing/plucking, over-exfoliating and mild adult acne), combined with retinoid prescriptions and other solutions. So far, I have had 5-6 treatments. Since last year my skin tone and texture have improved, but more importantly my lifestyle habits have changed dramatically. No longer do I over-stimulate my skin with excessive products or heavily rely on bizarre homeopathic methods. The Permea helped a lot with uneven pigmentation, blotchiness and even forehead wrinkles! It’s not a magical cure, and you need routine treatment (as well as daily care) depending on the severity of your condition. However, I believe it is worth it even if a bit on the costly side. In the long run, it is about maintaining good habits, good hygiene and living a stress-free life. As a result of being around the Sherber team, I have changed my diet habits, decreased my caffeine intake, and decided to focus on improving both my physical and mental well-being. Skin conditions will be a life-long battle for some, but with some inner strength, persistence and help from others (Sherber & Rad) things can change over time.