5 QUESTIONS: Lars Fredriksson, Founder of Verso Skincare

Photo Credit: Lisa Teh, Editor and Chief of Couturing

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How would you describe the Swedish sensibility when it comes to beauty?

I would say less is more when it comes to the amount of products you use in your daily skincare routine.

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What white space were you looking to fill by founding Verso?

Effective and performance-driven products in a classic Scandinavian design. We´ve focused on a sufficient range of products based on clinically proven ingredients and leaving out ineffective fluff to make advanced beauty science accessible for everyone. Verso does not only bring formulas and derivatives from labs to shelves, but also present them in an appealing self-explanatory costume. Verso offers must-have products for yourself and your shelf.

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How did you decide to make retinyl retinoate – Retinol8 – the core of your range?

I have worked with various Vitamin A derivatives previously and know how great Vitamin A is. With Retinol 8 we are able to provide the efficacy without concerns of adverse effects.

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In what way do you see Verso as different from other skincare brands?

I strongly believe that everybody should use at least one Vitamin A product every day in their skincare routine, to improve the skin and keep it in the best shape as possible. In the Verso series you can find products for different needs and indications that are powered with Retinol 8, our unique Vitamin A complex.

It is well known that a strong, healthy skin barrier will keep microbes, chemicals, allergens etc from penetrating the skin and cause different kind of unhealthy skin conditions. This is why we love to power our products with Niacinamide to keep the skin highly moisturized and hydrated, supporting and keeping the skin barrier intact. All Verso products are easy-to-use, effective, unharmful and verified by science. Each and every Verso product has been developed as a stand-alone product and can be used by itself or together with any other product or brand.

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What product in the range do you think everyone should try?

Super Eye Serum is our top seller and will improve your skin, reduce fine lines and reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. This is a game-changer.

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