In case you missed it, January 2018 marked the inception of our very first “guide issue,” in which we Allure editors take a deep-dive into the nitty-gritty of just one single feature such as skin, hair, lips, and so on. To kick it off on a high note, we thought, why not start with eyes? They’re supposed to be the “windows to our soul,” after all. (Or so they say). And so we did, delving into everything from the best eye-makeup tips and tricks, to why we’re so concerned with those little lines called crow’s-feet. What’s more: We took the liberty of breaking down the best of the best in eye-based beauty treatments in major cities across the country, which includes injectables (per those laugh lines), brow procedures, lash extensions, and more. This took a ton of traveling, hours of talking to experts, and test-driving them to boot. But it was all worth it, naturally.

“D.C. women who have tried doctor after doctor for Botox keep coming back to this one”

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