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Where has all the buccal fat gone? – The Washington Post

Look in the mirror while sucking through a straw. That’s what you might look like if you have your buccal fat removed. Buccal fat (pronounced like buckle) consists of small pads of fat in each of your lower cheeks. Removing it is a quick procedure that may make your face appear more sculpted and slimmer. […]

Cheek Implants Are Trending – Realself News

You’ve likely heard the saying “Everything old is new again,” to explain the cyclical trends in fashion and art. Still, the same could be said for some plastic surgery procedures—like the recent uptick in requests for the lip lift and facial implants, including cheek and jaw implants. For example, cheekbone implants have been around since 1956. They were further improved upon […]

Dr Noelle Sherber on Treating Surgery Scars – Complexion-Me

Not only are scars notoriously hard to fade, but there’s also a plethora of different types of scarring, from raised keloid scars to acne scarring, which makes finding the right treatment complicated. We spoke to board certified dermatologist Dr Noelle Sherber to learn more about her apporach to treating surgery scars. Read More

The Biggest Injectable Botches and How to Avoid Them – Realself News

In recent months, as more folks have gotten vaccinated and returned to their pre-pandemic rituals, cosmetic doctors have noticed a surprising trend. “I’ve seen a tremendous rise in injectables complications,” says Dr. Jessica Weiser, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. Many of those now coming in for fix-it work, she tells us, were unable […]

Can we talk about the senior citizens running for president – The Washington Post

Can we talk about Joe Biden’s face? And Bernie Sanders’s heart attack? And Elizabeth Warren’s honey blond hair? And Donald Trump’s unnatural hue? Can we talk about the senior citizens running for president? Trump and three leading Democratic challengers are all septuagenarians, and there’s not enough hair dye or spray tan in the world to […]

Best Botox in Washington, D.C. – allure

In case you missed it, January 2018 marked the inception of our very first “guide issue,” in which we Allure editors take a deep-dive into the nitty-gritty of just one single feature such as skin, hair, lips, and so on. To kick it off on a high note, we thought, why not start with eyes? […]

People are now getting surgery to look like a Snapchat filter – GQ

Everyone has their Snapchat filter. Deny it all you want, but as the saying goes, me thinks thou doth protest too much. Because it’s true. We’ve all got that friend who champions the flower crown. That mate that dons those doggy ears like you wouldn’t believe. And then there are those who can’t help but […]

“Snapchat dysmorphia”: why people are getting plastic surgery – Vox

The line between smartphone fantasy and reality is blurring. Grace Smith*, 28, started using the Facetune photo app a few years back to edit wrinkles out of her face. The lines between her eyebrows created a shadowy effect on her forehead, and she thought she looked fresher and prettier in pictures when the shadow was […]

More and More DC Men Are Getting Injections to Create Stronger Jawlines – Washingtonian

Dermatologist Noëlle Sherber, M.D., F.A.A.D. was quoted in the Washingtonian about the increasing trend for men to get filler in their jawlines. She said, “People in Washington want to have an authoritative appearance, but one that suits their own face. They tend to be most of all interested in how to look like themselves a few years prior.”   […]

How Your At-Home Routine Can Amplify Your Injectables – Bazaar

Dermatologist Noëlle S. Sherber, M.D., F.A.A.D. was quoted in Harper’s Bazaar in an article on how to make the most of facial injectables. Dr. Sherber recommended incorporating moisturizers with glycerin and hyaluronic acid prior to injections, since it will “dovetail off the internal hydrating effects of the injected hyaluronic acid fillers and enhance the skin-smoothing […]