Jaw contouring surgery can dramatically improve facial balance and harmony. In Washington, D.C., jaw reshaping surgery is offered by renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ariel N. Rad. 

Surgical Jaw Contouring Options

Dr. Rad can provide transformative facial enhancement with jawline contouring surgery. Depending on the patient’s needs, he can reshape the jawline by augmenting or reducing the size of the chin and/or contouring the neck. 

Chin Augmentation

If the chin appears “weak” or too small for the face, Dr. Rad can place a chin implant to permanently augment this key facial feature. Another option is sliding genioplasty, which is primarily performed for male patients and involves moving the chin bone forward to increase projection.

Chin Reduction

If the chin’s protrusion and/or general size and shape cause it to overpower the facial appearance, a chin reduction may be recommended. To reduce the size and projection of the chin, Dr. Rad can strategically remove bone from the chin and jaw.

Neck Contouring

Chin augmentation and chin reduction procedures can be combined with a neck lift to further define the chin and jawline. A neck lift can include the surgical excision of loose, excess skin, tissue repositioning, and muscle repair to provide tightening and slimming effects. 

What to Expect During Jawline Contouring Surgery 

Every jaw reshaping procedure performed by Dr. Rad is tailored to the patient’s distinct anatomy and goals. During your consultation, Dr. Rad will explain, in detail, what will happen during your unique jawline contouring surgery, so you feel comfortable and confident going into your procedure.

In general, patients can expect to be given anesthesia at the start of the procedure. Dr. Rad can then proceed with the necessary incision(s), followed by the required modifications to the jawline tissue and bone. Dr. Rad takes extreme care to minimize invasiveness and can often perform multiple procedures without the need for more than a single incision.

What to Expect During Jaw Surgery Recovery

Regardless of the type of jawline surgery, some downtime can be expected. You will need to return to our office for follow-up appointments, as directed, so Dr. Rad can monitor your rate of healing and advise you when you can return to work and resume your normal activities.

It is normal to experience some degree of post-op swelling, bruising, and tenderness. Oral medications may be prescribed to reduce discomfort and/or prevent infection. 

Depending on the type of jaw reshaping surgery performed, you may need to use a specialized mouthwash and/or adhere to a liquid diet for a short time following your procedure. In any case, Dr. Rad will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions, so you can be sure to take the necessary steps to promote optimal healing and the best possible treatment outcome.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Rad is a leading provider of jawline contouring surgery in Washington, D.C. If you are considering chin augmentation or chin reduction, reach out to our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rad, so he can assess your facial structure, tissues, and proportions and determine the ideal treatment approach for achieving your aesthetic goals.