Dr. Sherber is among the best dermatologists in the DC/MD/VA area. She is super down to earth, compassionate, and sharp as a tact. What more can you want in a doctor? She is a great listener as well–a rarity in this industry. Her staff members are friendly, professional, and always eager to help with your unique needs. What’s great about her DC location is that she has a sleek retail storefront, meticulously lined with top-notch skin/makeup/hair (etc.) products (not just stuff you can find at Sephora). If you are a passerby, please do not be intimidated but go in. The staff members are super friendly and helpful. Behind the scenes are discreet rooms for consultation/treatment, and relaxing lounge rooms to make you feel as relaxed as possible. Each time I go see Dr. Sherber, I know that my needs are being met. I trust her professionalism and efficient solutions to my unique issues. She definitely knows what she is doing. We all need to care for ourselves now and then, why not go to the best?