I met with several plastic surgeons throughout my five years breast cancer journey looking into achieving the best results reconstructing my breast after double mastectomy. When I was ready to give up is when I was referred to see Dr. Rad! When I went to his beautiful practice in Washington DC, I was warmly welcomed by his staff, and after meeting with him I instantly knew that he was the one who was going to help me restore what cancer took away! He is very friendly, humble, compassionate, empathetic, calm, smart doctor, and much more … He took his time reviewing the best plan for my case, and he even called me a couple of times in the evening to offer other option after looking closer to some of my pictures. I am very thankful that he genuinely provided me what I better option, an option that I had no idea about, and that I now compare and I am so happy I went the route he suggested. I feel thrilled with the results and I am forever grateful for Dr. Rad to be there for me.