Overview of Facial Fat Transfer in Washington

When it comes to Facial Fat Transfer, also known as fat grafting, Dr. Rad implores his incredible attention to detail to repurpose his patients’ own unwanted body fat as filler throughout the face. This process is useful particularly in areas of the face that may have hollowed out, such as sunken cheeks due to aging and can be great for reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin and rounding off the facial contours. Fat grafting is often enticing to patients because not only does it remove some fat in areas where excess fat is present, but it’s a worthwhile alternative to other procedures because fat cells that receive adequate blood flow can produce permanent results, at a low risk and a quick recovery.

The process is minimally painful. The most common sensations are fullness. Bruising and swelling are normal and resolve over 7 to 10 days. While healing and recovery will be different for each patient, a quick return to work and going to social outings 1 to 2 weeks after surgery is common.

Facial fat transfer is a very safe and effective approach to looking more rested and a refreshed version of yourself.

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer?

Aside from the general expectation that patient must be of good overall health and should not smoke tobacco products, ideal candidates for a facial fat transfer are those with reasonable expectations.

Most patients who show interest in facial fat transfer tend to have good skin tone and have enjoyed the results of fillers, but now seek a more permanent option. These candidates also tend to have areas of the face where restoring lost volume makes sense.

Determining who qualifies as a good candidate is best achieved during the initial consultation with Dr. Rad. In some cases, other procedures may be better equipped to achieve the patient’s particular aesthetic goals.

How Does Dr. Rad Approach Facial Fat Transfer?

In Dr. Rad’s hands, facial contouring surgery is very safe and complications are extremely rare. He works with a board-certified anesthesiologist and performs surgery only in an accredited surgery center or hospital operating facility. Medical clearance by your Primary Care Physician is required prior to surgery. Accompaniment by a family member or friend for 48 hours after surgery.

Dr. Rad contours the face by judiciously adding fat to deflated areas or removing fat from overly voluminous areas. The distribution of the fat is a critical part of the process, which is where Dr. Rad’s skill and expertise separates himself from other service providers. In facial fat grafting, fat is removed via liposuction from the abdomen and/or thighs, purified and then injected into the face very precisely into deflated areas.

The most common areas that Dr. Rad treats are the apples of the cheeks, the temples, jawline and the lips.

In buccal fat removal, small incisions are made on the inside of the cheeks and the lower cheek fat is gently removed.

Facial Fat Transfer Options

Facial contouring involves restoring volume in deflated areas of the face via Facial Fat Grafting, or removing volume from the lower cheek region to create a more chiseled appearance via Buccal Fat Removal. Often deflation is accompanied by skin laxity and sagging; therefore, Dr. Rad often performs Facelift and Neck Lift surgery concurrent with facial fat grafting.

Injectable Dermal Fillers are the most effective non-surgical treatment for facial volume and contouring; the downside is that it is temporary, lasting 6 to 12 months.

Learn The Nuance Of The Washington Facial Fat Transfer Surgeon

Facial Fat Transfer Surgery

Dr. Rad’s approach is unique for each patient, and it combines sophisticated, state-of-the-art techniques to achieve natural and long lasting results.


Your vision for your results will emerge through detailed consultation with Dr. Rad, meticulous examination of your anatomy, and careful pre-surgical planning. While Dr. Rad’s surgical approach is unique for each patient, the goal of naturalness remains constant.

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Consultation with Dr. Rad

What Will My Consultation with Dr. Rad be Like?

Our plastic surgery office in Washington DC is centered on your comfort and privacy. You’ll be received by our exquisitely attentive staff, and escorted to your own private cabana wherein you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable while consulting discreetly with Dr. Rad. First Dr. Rad will determine if you are a good candidate for surgery and during your consultation you should decide if Dr. Rad is the right surgeon for you. Credentials are crucial and, in addition to being Board certified in plastic surgery, Dr. Rad is Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins, and he enjoys an impeccable reputation as a top flight aesthetic surgeon. His facial plastic surgery expertise is sought out as one of the best surgeons in Washington DC, northern Virginia and the US.

Your safety is Dr. Rad’s primary concern and he will review your medical history. You should inform Dr. Rad of any medical problems or medications that may affect your healing. If you are medically appropriate to undergo surgery then Dr. Rad’s focus will be to understand what specific aesthetic concerns you have. Washington patients expect natural results with minimal downtime. Dr. Rad will spend time carefully listening to your concerns, asking clarifying questions and then masterfully guiding you, step by step, to understand how your unique anatomy can be improved to convey a rested appearance. Dr. Rad’s goal is to determine the most comprehensive approach for long lasting, natural results while minimizing downtime. Dr. Rad first needs to understand your specific concerns and you should prepare your thoughts prior to your consultation. Think of words that convey how you feel about your appearance. For example, Washington DC patients often say they look fatigued, tired or lackluster because of undereye bags or dark undereye circles, or they look sad, upset or disinterested such as from heavy eyebrows, excess skin above the eyes or downturned corners of the mouth. Patients often relate concerns of looking older than how they feel and this can be caused by jowls, nasolabial folds, loose neck skin, lines and wrinkles. Try to put into words how your appearance bothers you, and the priority you give to each area. Dr. Rad will then present to you his expert opinion about which procedures would be best to restore your anatomy to create a rested and refreshed appearance. In addition to surgery oftentimes patients can benefit from other procedures such as brow lift, eyelid lift, facial fat transfer, or rhinoplasty. And since surgery is intricate Dr. Rad will guide you through a stepwise approach of aesthetic analysis and he’ll deliver his recommendations in a clear and honest manner. Dr. Rad will present all options available in modern day surgery, both non-surgical and surgical.

Dr. Rad and Board certified dermatologist Dr. Sherber often collaborate to optimize patients’ results and to minimize invasiveness. As such Dr. Rad’s modern approach to surgery harnesses the power of both dermatology and plastic surgery as both specialities address different aesthetic challenges. For example, plastic surgery is effective to lift, tighten and volumize loose, atrophied tissues, whereas dermatologic treatments such as laser, radiofrequency tightening and skincare are best to improve skin texture, pigmentation and tone. Dr. Rad can address any concerns regarding skin quality and how to obtain and maintain optimal results.

Dr. Rad will review with you photos of his patients’ results (many of which you’ll not find online due to privacy concerns) to highlight his aesthetic approaches and skill. He will take your photographs, which remain confidential, to assist with the planning of your surgery. For your safety Dr. Rad performs surgery in a hospital-based operating room, considered to be the safest environment, rather than in the office. Anesthesia is delivered by a board certified anesthesiologist (MD) and you’ll be under light anesthesia which is important for your safety and comfort.

You will receive a customized quote for the procedures in which you’re interested. Once approved we may then move forward with pre-operative preparations and you will meet with Dr. Rad again at your final in person consultation prior to surgery. Dr. Rad’s reputation as one of the most technically gifted surgeons attracts patients nationally and from around the world. We cater to patients from across the globe by arranging virtual consultations, luxury accommodations at The Jefferson hotel, Washington’s most luxurious 5 star boutique hotel, as well as private nursing care. Your privacy, comfort and safely achieving exceptional results are our top priorities.

What are Dr. Rad’s patients saying?

“Dr. Ariel Rad is the finest physician I’ve ever met! I’ve worked with Dr. Rad over the last five years and he encompasses everything you’d hope from a physician and much more. He possesses the highest intellect, sophistication, dedication, and compassion. I can’t say enough about Dr. Rad. Every appointment I’ve had with him has exceeded my expectations. He’s the absolute best! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Ariel Rad to my family and friends for medical care.”

Esther A. | May, 2018

About your Washington Surgeon

Dr. Rad’s credentials, results and patient reviews speak for themselves. Princeton (magna cum laude) and Duke University educated, Dr. Rad is a Johns Hopkins trained board certified plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor of plastic surgery there. Dr. Rad has performed thousands of aesthetic facial surgeries and he specializes in minimally invasive, scarless approaches featuring minimal downtime. He is ranked in the top 3 plastic surgeons in DC, has the highest patient ratings across all doctor review websites and has been an invited expert in international conferences teaching his techniques to surgeons from around the world. Dr. Rad’s patients seek to look refreshed and rested with natural results, minimal scars and the least downtime. He has innovated scarless techniques due to his patients’ needs for discretion and hidden evidence of surgery. Dr. Rad has membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Through rigorous written and oral examinations, these national societies have vetted Dr. Rad’s education, training, professional qualifications, surgical competence, and ethical conduct as having met the highest standards in the world.

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