Spider Veins in Washington DC

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Spider Veins

Dilated veins can appear on the face or body, and may relate to sun damage or a genetic predisposition to develop them.


  • Dr. Sherber customizes each treatment for her patients, and often treats small vessels with the Cutera 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, a state of the art vascular laser that treats dilated blood vessels on the face and body with maximal comfort and efficacy through its patented PowerFlex technology. 
  • For larger spider veins on the body, Dr. Sherber prefers to inject them with Asclera to cause the body to resorb them. [link to Asclera page]  This should be planned for a time when you can wear compression leggings or compression stockings for a week post-treatment.
  • For blue veins under the eye, gentle laser treatments to shrink the caliber can be very effective and are preferable to injection treatments.


  • For unwanted superficial leg veins, Dr. Sherber often refers patients for ultrasound imaging to ensure that the deeper veins are not problematic.  If there are problems uncovered with the deeper circulation, then Dr. Sherber suggests endogenous laser ablation with a vascular surgeon or other treatment of the deep veins before she would treat any of the superficial veins – otherwise, they will tend to reaccumulate since they are fed by the deeper venous system.

No topical lotions or potions work to remove dilated veins.  However, golden-hued creams and self-tanners can mask them somewhat.

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