Facial Flushing in Washington DC

Also Serving Mclean, Alexandria, Loudoun County and Arlington


Flushing is redness that comes and goes, and is generally accompanied by other reactive skin symptoms such as stinging.  In general, skin redness is caused by dilated blood vessels which can relate to a range of concerns from genetic skin conditions such as rosacea to the skin’s response to irritation.


  • The Nd:YAG laser can be used in a micropulsed mode called Laser Genesis –  this targets the tiny vessels that cause flushing, and is the only laser treatment available that works in this way.  It is gentle enough for sensitive skin, is excellent for rosacea and for pink marks left behind from acne, and is safe on any skin tone. 
  • Redness laser treatments are mainly a ‘winter sport,’ as it’s important that skin isn’t tanned prior to treatment and that it remain protected from sun exposure post-treatment. 
  • Numbing cream generally isn’t needed, and makeup can be applied immediately afterwards to treated areas. 
  • Some treated areas may have develop redness as the body works to resorb the treated vessels. 
  • Since the results take several weeks to emerge, treatments should be spaced a month apart.


  • Dr. Sherber may place patients on a very mild Skincare regimen that is free of preservatives or other irritants while determining the cause of their skin redness, and may recommend consultation with one of her Allergist colleagues if there is a high likelihood of undiagnosed skin allergies.

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