Cheeks + Midface Lift in Washington DC

  • For those with “negative vector” anatomy in which cheekbones are not naturally so prominent as to extend in front of the eye area, the tissues of the mid face tend to lose support and descend more dramatically, which causes the formation of grooves under the eyes and from nose to mouth. 
  • By restoring structural support to the cheeks with injectable fillers, the entire mid-face is lifted.  Addressing the root cause of the lines in this way is a much more natural-looking approach to rejuvenating the mid-face than simply to caulk in each line with filler. 
  • The softly round apple of the cheek, called the Ogee curve, is a very youthful feature, and bringing it back in faces that have lost it gives a subtle but powerful rejuvenating boost.
  • As the skin gets thinned with time, pleating through the cheeks can be seen when smiling. Dr. Sherber injects tiny threads of filler through the area to restore density to the skin without adding obvious volume to the area so that the cheeks don’t have so many creases on animation.


  • Juvéderm Voluma XC
  • Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC


  • Fractionated ablative lasers like Clear+Brilliant and Permèa improve skin texture to give smoother skin with each treatment.

Intense hydration and deeply-absorbing moisturizers will work to plump up the skin, while targeted exfoliants remove dead skin cells for a naturally luminous sheen on the cheekbones.