Oncoplasty in Washington DC

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  • Lumpectomy (also known as ‘partial mastectomy’) without reconstruction can result in distortion, indentation and asymmetry.
  • Oncoplasty breast lift is a powerful technique that involves reshaping the remaining breast tissue following lumpectomy surgery. 
  • The ideal candidate has at least a C cup breast size and has breast ptosis (‘droopiness’) or asymmetry.

    Recommended Procedures

    • Oncoplasty is suitable for patients who:
      • are good candidates for lumpectomy cancer surgery
      • have C cup breast size or larger
      • will have less than 25% of the breast volume removed
      • have droopy or pendulous breasts
      • desire reduction in breast size and/or lift

    Other Options

    • Implant Reconstruction is the most popular option owing to the ease of recovery and simplicity of surgery; however, implant reconstruction often is not a good option due to scar tissue problems caused by prior breast radiation.

    • DIEP Flap Reconstruction is the gold standard in tissue reconstruction after mastectomy with the results of Abdominoplasty as a benefit.
    • The TDAP Flap is optimal for patients who have moderate to severe volume asymmetry after lumpectomy.


      • Breast reconstruction is safe and is performed under general anesthesia and a short hospitalization is standard for most reconstructive procedures.
      • Dr. Rad works with a board certified anesthesiologist and performs surgery in the top hospitals in the Washington DC and northern Virginia area. 

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      Dr. Rad employs Oncoplasty techniques for women who desire breast lift or reduction at the time of lumpectomy surgery. This 44 year old woman was treated by her breast cancer surgeon with left lumpectomy for breast cancer, and Dr. Rad performed reconstruction in the same operation.

      Photos are of patients who have given explicit written agreement to have them displayed. For patient privacy reasons, the majority of Dr. Rad’s patients prefer their before/after photos to remain off-line. However, Dr. Rad will be happy to show you, in the setting of a confidential consultation, a series of before/after photos, not displayed here, to address your specific concerns.

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