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The Really Gross Reason You Shouldn’t Go To Bed With Wet Hair

Your first instinct after reading this might be to burn your pillowcases and never get your hair wet past 3pm again. But rest assured, there are ways to mitigate these unpleasant effects. You planned to wash your hair this morning but hit the snooze button. Then your dog decided to drag his feet on the […]

Olaplex Concerns: Dermatologist discusses popular hair care product – Fox5 DC

Professor and Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Noelle Sherber discusses concerns surrounding the popular hair care product, Olaplex. Watch Now

The Exact Temp To Set Your Curler For VS Angel Hair – Elle

We love the glitter bomb that is a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, in all its Swarovski-crystal-encrusted, pink-satin-wrapped glory—that is to say, in its pure fantasy. But at the most recent catwalk spectacle, something else bouncing down the runway got our attention: the hair. It seemed subtly new—lightly tousled, a little undone, and so refreshing after […]