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Dog time, skin care and a carousel ride – The Washington Post

As the force behind fashion blog The Glossier and the photography and video company Hey Bulldog Studios, Tasha James has gotten used to photographing pretty much everyone — except for her English bulldog, Winston. “Unless he knows you have a snack on you, or something to entice him to sit still, he’s just so disinterested,” […]

36 Ways to Spend a Bajillion Dollars in Washington – Washingtonian

Your guide to goods and services in a new gilded age. Washington thinks of itself as a city of power rather than wealth, where folks spend trillions in taxpayer money, then drive home in sensible mid-market cars. In recent decades, that vibe has been harder to maintain. Yet the glittery new Washington remains a place […]

The Morning Rituals of Top Dermatologists – Oprah

We asked the experts what they do in the a.m. for radiant, glowing skin. Morning skincare: I’m always seeking new results-oriented products, so my routine is always changing. One staple product that I love is Eve Lom Cleanser, since it is so thorough yet so gentle. I also use Caudalie’s VineActiv 3-in-1 Moisturizer, which defends […]

Dr Noelle Sherber, Dermatologist on Complexion-Me

I founded SHERBER+RAD in 2014 with my husband around the core concept of maximizing the luxury of time, we created a singular destination in the heart of Washington, DC, that combines the most effective treatments in our fields of dermatology and plastic surgery with an expert edit of best skincare, haircare, and beauty from around […]

Storefront shop to the inner sanctum of a dermatologist – Architectural Record

Beauty may be skin-deep, but David Jameson’s design for the offices of a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon reaches beneath the surface, peeling back layers of intrigue. Inspired by the structure of a tree’with its rough bark on the outside and smoother rings closer to the core’ the Washington, D.C.’based architect organized the 3,770-square-foot facility […]