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Olaplex Concerns: Dermatologist discusses popular hair care product – Fox5 DC

Professor and Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Noelle Sherber discusses concerns surrounding the popular hair care product, Olaplex. Watch Now

Skin disorders on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic – Fox5 DC

Amidst the stressors during the COVID-19 pandemic, dermatologists are seeing more patients with skin and hair disorders. Dr. Noëlle S. Sherber talks about the skin side effects of COVID-19 and the stressors that have come along with it. Watch Now

Bug Spray 101: What you need to know – Fox5 DC

Board certified dermatologist Noëlle Sherber gives us tips on choosing the right big spray! Watch Now

The COVID pandemic is causing an unintended consequence hair loss – abc NEWS

It’s that shock to the system that causes hair to start shedding. Dermatologist Dr. Noelle Sherber says she and her medical colleagues are seeing huge numbers of patients complaining of chunks of hair falling out. “And I ask how is your stress? How’s your sleep quality? How is your sleep quantity and their answer is, […]

Can blue light from screens harm your skin? – Wusa9

With the right protective measures, you can minimize the effects of blue lights from devices like computers and phones. Watch Now

Are you breaking out from wearing a mask? You’re not alone. – abc NEWS

Dermatologists have discovered the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a skin condition that has patients flocking to their offices. They’ve named it “Maskne.” Watch Now

How to spoil yourself at home with a ‘do-it-yourself’ facial – abc NEWS

With a good cleanser. Dermatologist Dr. Noelle Sherber says, “use an oil-based cleanser and this is a good first step for taking off make-up sunscreen and pollution for the day.” Watch Now

How effective are hand sanitizers when it comes to killing germs – abc NEWS

The fear of spreading or catching coronavirus germs has all of us listening to our doctors to wash our hands. And that has caused a run on hand sanitizers. Every beauty care company seems to have jumped on the trend and is making a clear magical liquid. But dermatologists say all hand sanitizers are not […]

Everything you need to know to protect your skin during the winter – abc NEWS

Cooler temperatures during the winter months can dry out your skin. And the colder it gets, the worse the problem can become. Serious problems can occur if your skin isn’t treated during the winter. There are skin conditions that can develop over time and then there’s the danger of frostbite. Watch Now

Are built-in filters an effective way to protect your skin from hard water? – abc NEWS

Hard water can cause damage to your skin and pipes. When white flakes and gunk builds up in pipes, shower heads, and water heaters, it can create hard water. A new trend to deal with this issue are shower heads with built-in water filters, which costs between $15-$150. Watch Now