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What Is Psoriasis? All About Kim Kardashian’s Autoimmune Condition

The star has shared her struggles with her skin in the past. Kim Kardashian has been open about her struggles with psoriasis in the past, and this week, she shared video of her latest psoriasis outbreak, explaining that she’s in the middle of a “painful” flare. The Kardashians star broke things down in a series […]

Beauty Beyond Boundaries: The Most Exciting Derm Discoveries at ASDS 2023

The latest treatments poised to revolutionize how we anti-age and enhance. Every year, the nation’s foremost board-certified dermatologists convene at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery meeting to explore cutting-edge innovations. The breakthroughs at ASDS 2023 set the standard for what we ultimately incorporate into our routines in the coming years. We got a sneak […]

What Causes Your Breasts to Itch?

Everything from your sports bra to body wash could play a role. Learn what could be irritating you, and how to find relief. A pesky mosquito bite. An allergic reaction to a new medication. There are all sorts of reasons you might need to scratch your skin and there’s not always a clear explanation. When […]

So That’s Why Your Skin Gets Crepey As You Get Older

Dermatologists reveal what contributes to the condition, how to prevent it and whether any over-the-counter products actually work to eliminate crepey skin. Crepes may be delectable, but crepey skin? Not so much. The term describes skin that, like crepe paper, appears thin and crinkled and typically lacks the elasticity, thickness and firmness of youthful skin. […]

Everything You Need To Know About Filler Migration – Women’sHealth

If you’re into beauty and on social media, chances are you’ve run into at least one TikTok video or Instagram post on filler migration without even trying. With consumers starting aesthetic treatments earlier in life to stay ahead of the aging process—and to potentially prevent more invasive procedures down the line—more people are enchanting and […]

How to get rid of sebaceous filaments according to dermatologists – Women’sHealth

In the age of filters and air brushing, it can be difficult to remember what real skin actually looks like, especially up close. So if you’ve ever noticed a cluster of tiny, darkish dots on your nose or another central spot on your face, you may have initially thought they were blackheads. But there’s a chance […]

Retinol for Men: What to Know and What to Buy, According to Dermatologists

A LOT of skincare ingredients only affect the outermost layer of the skin, which means the results are only temporary at best, because the skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells so that the new ones can come to the surface. But there are a handful of skincare ingredients that can penetrate into the deeper […]

Why Using Calamine Lotion as a Makeup Primer Is a Bad Idea – Everyday Health

Calamine lotion is having a glow-up. Yes, that humble pink lotion that was once dabbed onto your chickenpox, mosquito bites, or burned skin after too many hours in the sun — ah, fond childhood memories. Now, it’s trending as the ultimate pre-makeup primer, acne scar treatment, and SPF product, all in one. On TikTok, fans […]

Dealing with oily skin? Derms shares how to rid of extra shine for good – Today

These recommended products will purify pores and cut back on shine. Got an oily complexion? If so, you probably already know that this skin type requires extra attention. Whether you’re using blotting papers multiple times a day or carrying around mattifying powder for midday touch-ups, it can feel like minimizing shine is a never-ending battle. […]

11 Reasons You Have Puffy Eyes—And What To Do About Them – Women’sHealth

There’s something fundamentally uncomfortable about waking up in the morning with puffy eyes. You look a little funny, you can often feel the liquid retention in your face, and many times you can’t pinpoint the exact cause of the swelling. Conditions such as angioedema, a serious allergic reaction, dermatomyositis, an inflammatory disease, and thyroid conditions […]